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Puma V1.11 in Dresden Blue/White/Lime Punch - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Puma V1.11 in Dresden Blue/White/Lime Punch

Puma V1.11 Dresden

The first Spring looking release of the year has hit the market, coming in the form of the Puma V1.11. We are pretty familiar with eccentric releases from Puma and this Dresden Blue/White/Lime Punch offers a combo of colors that sway well away from tradition. Reaction to the release has been very mixed, with a distinct divide between those that like them and those that hate them. Either way, those that wear them will have a boot that is ready to take you into the summer season!

The boot is in itself a solid performer and is currently the boot of choice of several top-flight players including Man City’s Sergio Aguero. Having recently tested the V1.11, I can tell you that the lightweight nature of the boot suited my game and I found them to be an effective tool when it comes to acceleration. You are also getting an extremely durable upper that is designed to last, with the upper to soleplate bonded and cemented together effectively. The lace cover also has an affective purpose, as it doubles as a lace cover while allowing you full access to the laces.

It is important to note that sizing should be considered before buying a pair of V1.11. If you are not familiar with Puma shoes, they generally fit tight and the V1.11 features a unique box toe design – so I recommend going a half size up. For those of you who know their size in previous V series releases, these fit very similarly, with some additional width at the top of the boot.

For those that want something a little different, Puma das also released a K-Leather version of the boot that offers a more efficient first touch on the ball. They retail for a slightly higher $199, but while testing the K-Leather version, I found they were my preferred choice due to the uppers flexible nature.

If you decide to pick up a pair of Synthetic V1.11′s, they retail for around $180.

Puma V1.11 Yellow

Soleplate of Puma V1.11 Dresden

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  1. My favorite v1.11 release so far.
    getting a pair soon.

  2. Just got these in k-leather. They feel better than my Adipures, which is saying a lot. Pressure is distributed across the entire top of the foot instead of just on the big toe and ball of the foot during sharp stops, cuts and turns, which means they're much more comfortable. The bladed stud configuration also seems to be very well suited for astroturf. For sizing, if your second toe is shorter than your big toe, as mine is, get half a size up from a true to size boot like an F50 and get a full size up from a boot like the Adipure. They're very ergonomic, so they're narrow in the midfoot and heel but wide at the forefoot., which means they might not be suitable for someone with wide feet. I definitely need to keep my nails trimmed for these as each toe is right up against the tip, not just my big toe, but I like it.

  3. ordered mine a week ago getting them today excited about trying them on!!!!

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