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Nike Superfly III CR7 – Picture Summary

Nike CR7 Safari

We have already tested the Nike Superfly III, but since the latest two-tone CR7 edition just arrived in the door, I thought it would be worth highlighting them in a picture summary!

This is the 2rd Cristiano Ronaldo inspired colorway in the Superfly III range, with the previous black-on-black Safari (that we tested and reviewed) hitting the market early last year. We also tested the Nike Vapor VII in this same CR7 colorway, for those that want to see how they look or read the review! And I am sure there are some wondering what we are going to do with these boots now…..well, if you like this post and leave a comment below, you might be one of the first to find out!

The Nike Superfly III CR retails right now for $339.99.

Nike Superfly  Safari comparison

Nike Superfly  Safari comparison (2)

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  1. I for one am quite interested in finding out the fate of these boots, but I smell a giveaway!

  2. Whats going to happen to these boots?

  3. Whats gonna happen to them??

  4. What’s gonna happen to these boots?

  5. vapours always find a way to intrigue me

  6. both these colorways end up looking good in game

  7. A giveaway 🙂 ?

  8. Did you mean to say the 3rd (2rd?)
    I wish I had these

  9. I'd love to know what's going to happen to them! I've changed my playing style similar to Ronaldo's so it'd be great to have his cleats too!

  10. Found on the About page…………
    Q: What do you do with all the boots you have?
    A: For the most part, I use them for giveaways! There are times, of course, when the boots are fully broken in and well used. There are also pairs that I try to wear for several months in order to bring a follow up on the complete durability of the boot.

  11. Just for the edit, 2rd to 3rd

    Vapors and Superflys always don't seem to look good at first glance, but eventually captivate my eyes, especially on the pitch, all the time!

    Even the third CR7 two tone ones!

  12. I'm sure this will look good on my legs 😛

  13. I wonder what will happen to them. Great job Bryan, keep up the good work.

  14. What's gonna happen to this boot?

  15. I've had the green vapors since they came out like 2 summers ago! I need some new ones pretty badly. Love the vapors.

  16. My vapor is wearing out T.T and I'm thinking to getting these for myself. I'm really interested in that new CR. Thanks for the pictures 🙂

  17. I wonder what will happen to These fabulous soccer cleats…

  18. I have a feeling that your gonna throw them at elmo, no?

  19. don't burn them!! I'll gladly give them a safe place, on my feet in the state championship next week after we beat palm harbor tomorrow in the state semifinals! Go Mandarin Mustangs! 🙂

  20. What is going to happen to the boots?

  21. When I played there was no such thing as color ways. It was black with some white! I feel cheated!!!

  22. This does smell of a giveaway. My old Umbro Stealths are ripping….

  23. I hope you do something really cool with them .

  24. they really do look better in person, even more stunning on the pitch !! my question is, do they really give off the visual effect so that teammates can spot you from yards away?

  25. I want to be the first one to find out ;D

  26. My old pair are getting rather small =/

  27. Man these boots are sooo cool! I love CR7.
    Man I wish had some of those.
    I want to buy new cleats (mine are all worn out and falling apart)
    I was thinking of buying the cheapest version of these.

    I bet they're gonna make you play great!

    …by the way. What are you gonna do with them? (forced to ask)

  28. I wonder what your gonna do with them. The dark shadow colorway is impressive but the new one is very appealing to the eye

  29. Giveaway time yeah

  30. Always wanted these they look awesome during a game 🙂

  31. What ever could Brian be doing with these…???? 😉

  32. maybe wear 1 of the 3rd colorway and 1 of the 2nd on each foot like Assou Ekotto from Tottenham?? 😛

  33. I’d like to know what you’re doing with these cleats.

  34. I love both of these both and I'm very excited to find out what will happen to these boots. giveaway!!!!!! 🙂

  35. Whats going to happen? I love the 2nd CR edition but the 3rd ones are also stylish

  36. Awesome boots I have a pair of the first safari edition and besides the technology and the good looks once fully broken in they are simply the most confortable synthetic soccer cleats..

  37. my favorite colorway of all time

  38. I wonder whats going to happen! Cant wait for soccer season!

  39. Giveaway?! My boots are getting quite worn…

  40. I wonder whats going to happen to these boots.i cant wait

  41. I liked the post and am also curious as to what will happen with the boots. I imagine that since you've reviewed them already you'll be donating them, either to a lucky reader or maybe auction them off for charity?

  42. they still look pretty interesting to me 🙂
    still so flash!

  43. can i have em plzz =]

  44. Wonder whats going to happen to them boots??? o_o

  45. I am in LOVE (14th) with these cleats!!!!! They are LINsane.

  46. and i live in smelly old kansas, i need something to spice up my life with 3 games every weekend

  47. I would love a pair! but if you do a giveaway can it be some other way then twitter or facebook?

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