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Nike Vapor VII CR7 (3) Released

Nike Vapor VII CR

Along with the release of the Superfly III CR7, Nike has added the new CR7 design to the Vapor series, by creating the Vapor VII CR7 (3). In similar fashion to the Superfly, this is the second Cristiano Ronaldo inspired design to hit the Vapor VII range. What makes this boot unique is that it features two completely different designs on either side of the boot!

The left half has a crazy striped configuration that infuses Mach blue and Solar red colors, while the right half features a monotone silver criss-cross pattern. It is the same effect on both shoes, so basically the outside of either boot features opposite designs! Again with all CR7 releases, you are either going to love them or hate them – there is no in between!

Nike Vapor VII CR (side 1)

Nike Vapor VII CR (side 2)

I regularly find myself recommending the Vapor series to players as a top option, and a much more economical option over the Superfly. And lets, be honest, not everyone can afford to splash out $400 on a new boot. You don’t get Flywire technology or the adaptive stud, but you do get a Teijen Microfiber upper matched with a Tepex glass composite chassis that allows for a lightweight boot. The Vapor VII comes in at a tasty 8oz.

Nike continue their tradition of releasing top rated boots with the Vapor VII. On release, many fans criticized the fact Nike had created little to no updates. I have found that the minor updates Nike made only created a more defined cleat that competes at the top of the market. The one exciting thing about the Vapor VII is that it suits all players on the field, something that can’t be said about the majority of lightweight releases on the market. Nike use a very well constructed upper that offers protection, while also giving you a lightweight feel. In terms of size, I found that the Vapor VII offers a very suitable option for wide fitting players. Many players suffer problems around the mid area of the soleplate, but Nike offer a nice wide fit to accommodate most players. Ordering true to size is the way to go!

The Vapor VII CR (3) will retail for $200.

Nike Superfly III CR7

CR7 Vapor VII (3)

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  1. These shoes somewhat resemble candy canes in a worderful christmas forest filled with holiday specialties such as santa clause and fruit cake. It also seems as if the designer could not understant how to design the outside half of the cleat and decided to take a ruler and draw random lines to see if he would come up with any ideas in the process, however he forgot to erase them and sent them into into his boss incomplete, creating a new shoe that has no consistant desing pattern or understandable design pattern. In a nut shell, these shoes are not appealing to my eyeballs.

  2. What a rubbish pair of cleats.

  3. I normally like the superfly/vapors but these are complete trash.

  4. Pink or Orange, like seriously!!!!!

  5. I like these alot! super noticeable

    • Anyway C.Ronaldo wear it on La Liga match Valencia vs Real Madrid(19.11.2011). He scored 3rd goal and Real win 3-2. Yes, they are noticeable…

  6. Hi Bryan,
    Can you help me with size. I used wear Nike Talaria with size UK 6(EUR 40), but there is too tight n no room for toes(special big toes sometime hurts). Should i swtich too UK 6,5 for more toe space? Now I am wearing Adizero F50(SL) size EUR40(UK 6.5) and it fit right with right space for toe.(about 3-4mm free space for them).
    Now i want order Vapor VII(this CR7 version) or Nike Elite T90 Laser World Cup edition.
    But dont know what size i should order. Anyway thanks for very useful review.

    • The Vapor fits similar to the F50, so go for a size 6.5. If, for some reason, you decide to go for Superflys, you should go for a 7!

      • Thanks so much Bryan. You read mine mind. I never know, that Superflys is smaller about half size than Vapor. Exactly I choose Nike Elite T90 Laser World Cup edition, because only Nike Elite SuperFly World Cup edition UK7(US8) are in stock now.(UK6.5 not)
        Obviously I tried in our local shop Nike Miracle II in size UK7 for choosing right size. But it doesnt fit me, so I am afraid to order Superfly UK7. Is great, you solved my problem and now I can order this Superflys. Thanks again Bryan.

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