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Adidas adiPure 11Pro Review

Adidas adiPure 11Pro

Seen as one of the more traditional ranges on the market, the adiPure has been a top choice for many players through its short life. With a high level of consistency and a high performing upper, they offer one of the best value for money options on the market. This latest version to hit the market, the adiPure 11Pro, comes with a variety of modernized upgrades, some of which have players questioning how it all impacts the boot in-game. For example, Adidas are transitioning to using a Taurus leather upper rather than a K-Leather. This allows then to drop the weight to a pretty awesome 8.2oz, but removing the staple k-leather upper has caused some debate.

For testing, we grabbed a pair in the initial release Black/White/Slime colorway.

Check out the full line-up of adiPure 11Pro.

adiPure 11Pro detail


Out of the box, the adiPure 11Pro offers a comfortable feel with plenty of flexibility right through the boot. The upper does feel slightly more rigid than previous adiPure releases, but once you get them moving on the field they gently loosen up. I took them out expecting a simple jogging session, but since they felt pretty good I actually wore them right through a full practice with no problems. Adidas incorporate new flex zones through the soleplate, with the intention of creating a more dynamic outsole and an easier toe-off action. You can definitely feel an added level of flexibility that allows for a more comfortable and natural feel. Flexing the boots in your hands, they easily bend right along the intended region without any fear of them snapping. Overall, an easy boot to break in with plenty of comfort as you would expect from a heritage release.

The Great Debate – Taurus Leather Upper

You know there is always going to be concern when a company changes the material used in the upper of a boot. Feedback right after the details of the adiPure 11Pro were released was very mixed and many fans were confused about why Adidas would choose to remove a K-leather upper – something that has been a staple of the range. Its replacement, Taurus, has been used on the adiPower Predator range with little negative feedback and this plays in Adidas favor. They obviously feel confident in the material as they introduce it on a second range. I have personally found that Taurus is slightly less durable, but it is lighter, offers better weatherproof characteristics and I am sure a cheaper material for Adidas to produce!

Adidas adiPure 11Pro (b)

adiPure 11Pro soleplate

miCoach Technology

As with recent Adidas releases, you now get the benefit of a SprintFrame soleplate with miCoach technology included. This really doesn’t come as a shock and I expect to see all future Adidas releases featuring the performance tracking technology. If you want to take advantage, you need to purchase a SPEED_CELL chip separately.

Mixing Lightweight With Comfort

Producing a lightweight heritage release comes with a dilemma – how do you ensure comfort is not effected? When you buy a heritage boot, you expect it will give you plenty of consistency and an easy to wear end result. Adidas drops this release to 8.2oz, which is by far the lightest adiPure release we have seen. They have achieved this by introducing a Taurus upper and a hybrid SprintFrame soleplate. But, has comfort been compensated as a rsult? The answer is a resounding “No”. I don’t expect many players will encounter problems with these boots. There is still plenty of padding throughout and they offer  snug, well protected fit. One area I like is the tongue, which actually has more padding than on previous releases – it allows for a confident feel as you strike shots.

adiPure 11Pro detail (b)

adiPure 11Pro heel

adiPure 11Pro detail (d)

In-Game Performance

Cutting to the chase, these are a solid performer in-game – but in my opinion they are not the top performing adiPure release we have seen. Why? Well, you just don’t get that unique feel on the ball that you get from using a k-leather upper, and the stitching on this version really doesn’t compare to what we saw on both the adiPure III and adiPure IV. Durability is also a factor to consider, although you do get an ultra thin layer of protection, called Duracoat, to areas of high abrasion. Adidas has obviously found key areas that benefit from a little extra protection and an added layer. Through wear, I actually found that the area it covers (lime stripe along the joining of the upper and soleplate) got some scuffing – so it definitely serves a very valid purpose.

Next up, the introduction of a new conical shaped stud. This replaces the blades we have seen on previous adiPure releases. Adidas has re-engineered its traction by including dual cushioning conical studs that feature internal anti-shock tubes. They are designed to be more abrasion resistant, while improving surface penetration – thus improving traction and speed. On a natural grass surface they are great and you definitely benefit from a high level of traction. The result is slightly different on turf/artificial surfaces, where I found they seemed to drag a little, especially at times when you need to change directions quickly. The conical studs are almost too effective, and they stick firmly in the surface! I am sure that is why they have also released an AG version of the adiPure 11Pro – worth noting!

adiPure 11Pro detail (c)

How do they fit?

Size wise, there is not too much variance compared to previous adiPure releases. The boot is built on a new soleplate, but it offers the same shape and length. They are true to size, with a medium-wide fit through the forefoot.

Critics Notes

Note that nowhere in this review (other than here) did I use the term “classic” – something that has been a staple for all prior adiPure reviews! Traction on artificial surfaces is also a slight concern, for which Adidas has released a specific AG version. But, for most players they want one boot that works on both surfaces. Just note that they are not the most suitable for artificial. The other point lies in the use of a Taurus over K-leather upper. I can understand what Adidas are trying to do, but ultimately, I would take a 9.2oz boot with a traditional K-leather upper over an 8.2oz Taurus.

Check out the full line-up of adiPure 11Pro.

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: A modernized and updated version of the adiPure that offers players something just a little different in the heritage range – especially its 8.2oz final weight! Includes the ability to use miCoach Technology.
Category: This is an easy one – a lightweight, heritage release. You get a traditional look and aura surrounding these boots with a modern twist.
Weight: At 8.2oz, they are a full 1.6oz lighter than the adiPure IV. That is what you call a weight reduction!
Would I Buy Them: For the sake of finding out what they had to offer, I would buy a pair. They stay at a pretty decent price point ($150), which is important and they offer something different to market.
Player Position: In general, the midfield general is the type of players that usually benefits most from the adiPure range – but as a heritage release, they will match the needs of pretty much any player position on the field, from outside backs right through to strikers. The lightweight nature opens them up to other positions like outside mids.

adiPure 11Pro side view

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  1. Are you going to review the adipure SL?

  2. The soleplate looks thin. Did you feel any stud pressure?

  3. I would like to know, how is the touch with the syntethic material in the instep of the boot?..it's a rigid material or is soft? does it aid the control of the ball?

    • If Adidas included a padded inner region, like what is found on the new Speciali, it would be a great addition! But the instep is soft and doesn't hamper control.

      • but you still reccomend the adipure IV..a size question: I wore a tight fitting uk size 10 (us size 11) tiempo legend III, for a tight fit of adipure IV (or this 11pro) shoul I follow the uk size and buy uk size10 (us size 10,5) or uk size 10,5 (us size 11)?
        really thank you

        • anyone can help me?

          • I had a pair of Legend IIIs I picked up at deep discount in US 9.5 and they were too small for me to wear comfortably at all. I had a pair of adipure IVs in US 9.0 and they fit fine, if a little snug. Of course, the kangaroo leather stretched perfectly so that even though they were snug, the fit was not uncomfortably so. Not sure why Nike's kangaroo leather didn't offer the same comfort. I don't know how taurus leather performs in that respect, as I've never worn a boot made from it. In short, I would definitely buy a half size down in the adipure as compared to the Legend III.

  4. Can you compare the insoles (size, shape, width) to the adipure iv. I hear medium-wide everywhere but I found the IVs to be extremely narrow in the midfoot. The insoles provide good comparison, as if you look at Nike, the air legend II and new tiempo iv insoles are a perfect match for dimensions. Just a thought

    • Both are built using the same soleplate, dimensions are the very same. of course, you get miCoach on the new version, which gives it a different look. In terms of insoles, they are very different. on the IV, adidas went with a "lipped" design and the insole merged with the arch. On the 11Pro, you get a very flat and uniform insole.

  5. when is the giveway…………….!

  6. I'm just glad they have kangaroo leather in the sl version

  7. is the touch of the 11pro is almost the same as the touch of the previous ones or is this better than the previous ones?

  8. i lost all respect for adidas after this release. all they care about is speed. nothing else.

  9. If these are Taurus and 8.2 oz, while the 11pro SL's are K-Leather and 6.5 oz, something tells me Adidas is just cutting some corners here. They obviously have the technology to engineer an 8.2 oz K-leather 11pro, just business reasons prevent them from doing so.

    • Bottom line is kangaroo leather costs more. adidas' way of 'raising the price' in this case is to offer the normal adipure range for the same price you're used to paying for the adipure, but in a less expensive material/design, and offer the 'classic' kangaroo leather version at a higher price point (the adipure SL), along with the weight reduction, to offset the costs. Sucks, but that's the way business works.

  10. on the subject of why you would by them and the fact that a lot of amateur/semi-professional teams play on turf these days, would you stick to finding a pair of adipure 3 or 4? or would you go ahead and get a pair of adipure 11pro?

    • The benefit to these is the fact you get miCoach technology and the flex zones are useful. But being honest, if you can find a deal on the adiPure III that is where I would put my money right now!

    • In my opinion, after going back and forth between adizeros and adipures, the bladed studs in previous versions of adipures are more comfortable on the artificial turf because they are lower profile and cause less pressure. These, like adizeros definitely seem to be meant more for natural grass.

  11. Nike Tiempo IV are clearly the better of the two boots. You get a super soft K-leather in Tiempo (at least around the toes) which makes all the difference in the world.

  12. don't look like they are for wide feet, i'm out haha

  13. Your use of the exclamation point is appalling! Seriously, think about not shouting so much in your reviews, they would appear much more professional. Thank you!

    • There were only three exclamation points used! Being that this is a review site, and not a grammar site, I would hardly consider that appalling. Even if they were misused!!
      Lets all relax and just enjoy the beautiful game!! Sorry for the shouting. But I'm typing in a crowded night club. 🙂

    • Just turn down the volume on your speakers and you should be ok. Thank you!!!!

  14. i applaud adidas for trying something new with the adipure pro release but i just feel heritage cleats are better left untouched so they get to keep their old school classical kind of feeling

  15. Adidas should'nt hav changed the k leather and it doesn't look like a classic boot anymore 🙁

  16. I know I'm in the wrong section but I think this would be the best way to get an answer.

    I'm looking for a pair of boots, thinking about Predator, Maestri II and Adizero. Which one do you think is the best?

    • Well, the adizero is nothing like the maestri or predator and the new predator coming out is copying the ctr360. If you have or want a speedcell then get the adizero. If you dont have the money for the maestri elite ($250) then I would go with the predator. They are both similar because they are pretty lightweight and offer great control and striking ability.

      • Money is not an issue, I just want the boot that would satisfy me the most. I’m only playing for fun with friends. Thinking of the Predators or CTR360 but it’s hard to choose 😛

        • You should look at the cleats by position section. I can say that the current predators are pretty good. I don’t know about the CTRs but the Umbro Geometra Pro are very similar and a great boot.

    • The best boots have k-leather and none of those have it. I would go and look for some with it.

  17. Wud u recomend these over ctr360s?

  18. Just picked up a pair of these, and I find the midfoot very tight on the outside of my feet, right where the synthetic material meets the leather. Any idea if the shoe will break-in around the midfoot? Or should I be returning these for something that’s all leather? I had great success with the original AdiPure, and hoped these would fit similarly.

  19. I bought these boots a few weeks ago and wanted to share my experience thus far after a few training sessions with them on…

    At my first training session, the first 30-45min, went really well. I felt light on my feet with the sprint-frame and the touch I was getting was great. I have slightly wide, and flat feet for your reference. After that time-span I was getting hot-spots on my outter heal and out the outter part of the inside, ball-of-foot. They ended up becoming blisters by the end of the training session (2hrs). Also, the field we play and practice on is an older artificial-field-turf field which is pretty hard. On this surface I was definitely feeling stud-pressure by the 45min of the session from the outer studs at the balls of my feet and by the end of the first training session, it was actually really hard to walk on my left foot since the outter portion of my foot had been bruised by the constant pressure.

    • My second training session went a bit better in terms of the stud pressure but I was still feeling bruising after about an hour. I still was getting blister formation of my feet. Was able to try them on real grass and they did feel fine but still got hot-spots on my heal and instep.

      Overall though the boots are great — they just take a bit longer to break in if you play on a harder surface and if you had wider, flatter feet.

      Hope this helps some of you on your decision making!

  20. I just need a shoe that’s leather and can fit wide feet. It can be decently light as well, like this shoe, but Adidas only makes shoes for small feet, unless it’s the Copa

  21. Adipure IV has a very hard wooden lile in base bottom plate, and enven with insole it is still too hatd. I has to insert a thin drscholl cushion. Does the 11pro similar?

  22. I have a pair of 1994 nike tiempo premiers. So I'm a size 9 in US for Nike which would be a 42 1/2 for Europe. I feel that they are a slight bit tight up front by the toes, but not too uncomfortable, every time I put them on. Yet after a few touches I feel like they have stretched out a little. I have been teasing myself with the idea of getting these adipure and I know that for Adidas a size 9 in US is a 42 2/3 for Europe. Slightly bigger. My question is, being that I feel I should be a 9 1/2 for Nike(43 Europe), if I get these in 9 for Adidas (42 2/3 Europe) will the leather stretch up front by the toes?

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