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Nike Vapor 8 Arrive - The Reaction - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Nike Vapor 8 Arrive – The Reaction

Arrived - Nike Vapor VIII

A day after their dynamic release, the Nike Vapor 8 arrived in today for testing, compliments of the kind folks at Nike. In order to give you a better idea of what they are all about and exactly what they have to offer, I created a reaction video. It is pretty short, but it gives an intro to what players can expect from the new speed boot. Check the video and more images of the boots below.

Following up on my comments about size, they do fit narrow and a little longer than previous Nike releases. In part, this is related to the low profile of the upper across your toes – it makes for a fantastic snug fit, but again the boots are slightly long.

The Nike Vapor 8 is currently available to order from for those of you that want to be the first wearing a pair!

Nike Vapor VIII Heel

Nike Vapor VIII Stud Configuration

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The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. The suede upper is interesting. Looking forward to the review.

  2. Those look absolutely amazing, however I've always have worn traditional boots (Tiempo, Predators, Ronaldinhos, CTR360, etc) I've always like the feel of kangaroo leather. Might have to get a pair though, cheers.

  3. I like the video. They are starting to grow on me more. Would you tell somebody (from first impressions) to get the Vapor VII for $50 off or get the Vapor VIII

  4. do u think its gonna broke if we wear them on turf

  5. does it kinda seem like if it was Carbon Fiber in the sole plate at the back close too the heel area? anyone else see it?

    • I think it's because they use 2 layers of the Glass fiber towards the back, making it seem darker.
      There's no Carbon fiber in the Vapor VIIIs if i'm not mistaken.

      • 5oz carbon is about the same as 2 layers of 4oz glass, for about a 35 percent weight saving. So carbon is lighter and more sturdy.
        I dont know why Nike dont mention about sole plate material. Anyway glassfiber are less sturdy than carbon. So they are more easy to break in. I had them in Vapor VI and they are quite comfortable.
        I am pretty curious on suede upper. Personally i wish that Nike make Vapor with some better tech on upper. Because we need some help(good touch or control) with ball when we running quick.

  6. Do you think that these will replace the Puma V1.11 SL as your main cleats?

  7. Hey Bryan, do you recommend going half a size down due to the longer fit?

    • I forgot to add for players with wide feet?

      • i have wide feet Alex and always found Vapors/Glides a great option (Lasers iii are best option from Nike). see my reply below but they are slightly more narrow than the last 2 versions and "less boxier". you can go down a half size. if you like the Miracle fit (too slim for me)… you'll love the new Vapors.

  8. Hi Bryan, can you tell us how the fit is compared to superfly 2/3, is it more narrow or wider from head to toe?

    • i just tried them on and i have the flatest widest feet possible. I wore the Mango in a size 10 and it was snug but comfortable. i usually wear a 10.5 in Glides/Vapors. so its slightly longer in the toe box than normal and slightly tighter. but the new material is better than ever. can't say it'll stretch because i only wore for 5 mins. but if i can walk without pain in Vapors – i know i can play in them – the same cannot be said for Adizeros. hope that helps.

      • I am so glad you mentioned about the flat feet, I have a narrow foot but I am flat feeted therefore my mid foot is wide. Thanks so much for the reply. I guess a flat footer can wear these, yay!

  9. Can you please give a feedback on how the studs holds up on turf? They look even more likely to break than the VII's

  10. mine are coming tomorrow!

  11. I want to pre-order the SG-Pro version. I'm Currently wearing US8.5 in SF3/Maestri I and US8 Adizero Leather/Adipower. Which size should I go for?

  12. is nike going to come out with a vapor 8 superfly.

    • I dont think so.Maybe Superfly will come in next season(2013/2014), but I am not sure. I never saw any unreleased next gen. Superfly.
      Instead Superfly I saw pictures Vapor 9(for season 2013/2014), they are with new upper tech Flyknit and with same soleplate. Of couse soleplate till this time can be re-engineered, bs 2heel studs or maybe not. We will see how 2heel stud works in pitch. I hope Vapor 9 will weight around 5oz, Flyknit should help it. I cant wait it.
      For me Vapor 8 is innovation but not revolution…

  13. It looks like you could twist your ankle easier due to the studs in the back I really don't care Nike did a good job I will certainly buy me a pair victories for now next year for school season maybe vapors I'll see more reviews and see ups and downs.

  14. How do you get to test out this new boots? I was just wondering cause thats's really cool that when stuff like this is released you get a pair to try and test out. I can't wait for the review for these cause I'm going on my senior year and looking to play college soccer and I'm either buying the Mercurial Sail White or the Mercurial Turquoise Blue/Bright Mango and i wanna know how they fit and how the 2 studs in the back effect game play. I have a large shoe size too I'm around a 12 1/2 or a 13 so it's hard to find comfortable shoes to play in that aren't baseball cleats. Looking forward to the review and if you have any suggestions let me know. Thanks

  15. Congrats Nike. You've officially made a boot the same color as Ernie from Sesame Street.

  16. @john please do not buy the turquoise blue ones… they are women’s boots

    • what the hell im watching el savador vs canada and there is someone wearing the micoach White/Black/Core Energy which are also classified as women's shoes… what happened to football?

  17. where are the boots made from china or italy or bosnia

  18. Hey do they come with a neat boot bag like all the other high end nike cleats do? I know its kind of an odd question but I'm a bit curious.

  19. If I wear a size 9 in the Vapor VI, and my toes are starting to touch to the tip of them, what size should I order in the new Vapor VIII? My feet aren't wide, but they aren't super-narrow either.

  20. Does anyone know when these shoes are sold on ? & are there any black vapor 8s coming out soon?

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