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Lotto Futura 500 Turf - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Lotto Futura 500 Turf

Lotto Futura 500 Turf

A turf shoe that has been on the market for a while now is the Lotto Futura 500. Unfortunately, at this point they are actually tough to find and as a result I haven’t spent enough time wearing them to give you an in-depth review. But, I have got to wear them and I figure there is still value in giving players some feedback in case they encounter an opportunity to pick up a pair.

The pictured pair come in a Flash Green/Black colorway. (the only place I could currently find them is on Amazon)

The upper is a lightweight and water repellant synthetic that is extremely durable. But with durability comes a stiff initial feel, so expect a few sessions before they feel truly effective. What helps is the fact that Lotto use strategic stitching along the side-to-front of the upper. It releases some of the synthetic feel, particularly when it comes to touch.

Lotto Futura Upper

One aspect of the boot that I love is the turf stud configuration. It is very distinctive to the Lotto brand and works out wonderfully well on turf pitches. In fact, this is the type of design that other companies might need to look at in order to advance their own ranges level of traction. Each rubber stud is angled and grooved down on the back end and this helps them grip the surface very effectively.

You also get Puntoflex technology, which is a special technical device in the soleplate that allows the foot to flex correctly and gives an excellent elastic return. It sits right under the area where your toes flex.

Futura 500 Soleplate

Lotto Futura Turf Stud

Would I buy a pair? They wouldn’t be my top choice, primarily because of the synthetic upper. In saying that, they are a solid and extremely durable boot that will suit many different playing styles. My advice is to try finding them on sale, and if you fancy testing them out go for it. If your expectations are not sky-high when you buy them, I see it hard for players to be disappointed. Alternatively, if you put this turf configuration on a leather upper, I would be very tempted!

Weight wise, they come in at 9.8oz, which is actually a pretty decent weight for a turf shoe. In terms of price, they were released with a retail price of $80 but if you find a pair now, they are more likely to be around the $50 mark.

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Side Profile Futura 500

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  1. I'm a little disappointed by your review here Bryan, but understand why, from what you state about availability etc. Since I have a pari of these [in the metallic orange color] and have been very pleased with them, was curious to hear your thoughts on them with a rated review etc. I know that you REALLY prefer leather to synthetic, but there have to be merits with synthetic shoes that you appreciate even if you don't like the material as much. I only purchase synthetic shoes, and always find myself wishing your reviews of non-leather boots were as objective as your leather cleat reviews. Regardless, still love the site, and your assessment of shoe offerings.

    • All received as valid feedback, Logan. There is a huge trade off between synthetic and leather – different players prefer different styles. In terms of being objective for non-leather reviews, I would refer to the likes of the Nike T90 Laser IV review, where I compliment one of the most natural feeling uppers, and again this was the case with the Vapor 8 review. So, where warranted I give synthetic full value and definitely don't hold any direct bias toward leather!

      • Bryan, fair enough about the newer Nike synthetics. Thanks for the reply (finally remembered to check back on this post). Also, I still can't believe how much the site is blowing up and the new show on Kick TV etc, congrats man, it's been great to see it happen the last year or 2.

  2. I just found these for 25 dollars! i'm guessing that would be a great buy, no?

  3. hi pitou..which store/site did u find them for 25.00?

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