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Puma evoSPEED 1 Released

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A new speed boot has arrived on the market and it is designed with simplicity but intended to perform – the Puma evoSPEED 1. Puma are no stranger to the speed market, having previously released the Cellerator and V series, but this boot takes on a whole new level of development and design. My speed boot of choice has been the Puma V1.11 SL – the evoSPEED is almost an updated version of that boot with an all new stud configuration.

Weighing in at 6.3oz, these boots are all about speed and acceleration, The upper is made of a thin monolayer microfiber upper that features a dot-pattern along the forefoot for added control benefits, while stability is provided by the internal EverFit cage.The anatomically engineered lightweight one-piece outsole provides stability and support, utilizing high-tech materials to minimize weight and to maximize its flexibility and reactivity.

The evoSPEED1 hits the market with a retail of $184.99.

evoSPEED Soccer

One area of real interest is the soleplate and stud configuration. Puma has removed all carbon fiber materials and gone for a TPU outsole instead. mixed with a completely different stud configuration to that of the V series, and it makes for interesting results. Sergio Aguero commented, “The new boot really impressed me. As a striker I always need to get up to speed very quickly and the boot seems to be perfectly suitable for this. I like how flexible the sole is, it helps me to change directions quicker and really distinguishes it from other football boots”.

evoSPEED Boots

Last week, Puma gave us an insight of sorts into the new release by offering up 50 limited edition pairs of camo “Speed Boots“. These were essentially a pair of the new evoSPEED in disguise and it was a very effective ploy. Interest in the Black/White release was at an ultimate high and really got fans wondering what was underneath the unusual paint job.

The evoSPEED will also be released in a K-leather version, which will weigh in at 6.8oz.

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  1. I can't see these selling good. Look like a low end boot to me.

  2. Bryan, think they will release these for Project Pink again?

  3. Very king-like feel and shape and even style to an extent. I like it, might be looking at my next pair of boots. will go well with my aguero jersey (;

  4. hey Brian ! please review the indoor versions of this series if it is possible

  5. the sole plate and stud configuration sort of remind me of the f50 stud configuration

  6. Hmm, to me these don't look as good as the v1.11SL. No more carbon fiber in the soleplate? I see there is also a black colorway with orange soleplate, looks pretty classy. Both colorways look kinda old-school 70's. The k-leather version sounds good though. 6.8 oz for an all k-leather boot… I'd be interested to see how they test compared to the new Pele Trinity k-leather boot.

  7. Will we see a review of this soon?

  8. Puma are learning from there pro players, many pro's who wore the V series had king sole plates added instead of blades, many pros who wear nikes opt for the tiempo legend studs. Puma has made a boot that will appeal to the professionals, a speed boot with conical studs is the best of both worlds, not to mention the K leather one is sweet, and cheaper than the trinity 3E K's.

  9. I went out and got these, but admittedly in the low-end EvoSpeed 5 model. Still quite light (9.4oz in size 12), and comfortable foot feel without breaking in. The conical studs do a commendable job cornering on firm ground. Most shockingly, I feel better grip and ball control in these than what I get from my Karnivor 2 Predators (old, I know, but well made Predators only a step below the Predator Precisions). These 5s have me considering picking up a pair of EvoSpeed 3, or if I find a decent sale, the 1 itself.

  10. Just got these in full synth. Super snug fit and very, very light when wearing. Feel a little more supportive than the SL's and hard to notice difference in weight. Can't wait to try out…will post play review soon…look really cool in person – better than pics. Quite a few players wearing in Euro's but not crazy common like the Adidas pred LZ

  11. Bryan,

    What happened to the lodbrewiews where you would talk about first touch, and shooting, and durability. I miss those reviews.

  12. Oh sorry,
    This wasnt a review. Sorry!

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