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Hulk, Mizuno Seiei and the Morelia Neo MD

Hulk Purple Morelia

From July 24th through August 12th, Mizuno are opening a pretty sweet Performance Center in London, as part of an event called Seiei. Athletes will have the opportunity to see what Mizuno’s Elite training is all about. Along with the event, Mizuno are releasing a new Purple colorway in the Morelia Neo series.

Having Hulk as your lead player is not a bad position to be in at the moment – there is plenty of speculation about his future and he could potentially end up in England. Either way, he will be wearing this new version of the Mizuno Morelia Neo wherever he ends up. And of course it is not the first time we have seen Mizuno offer the prolific striker his own personalized boots. This release is Mizuno’s lightest leather boot to date and is designed for speed. I think Mizuno’s slogan for the boot says it all: “Get to the ball quicker, at the moments that matter.”

Hulk Purple Morelia Neo

I feel like I say this all the time, but with Mizuno currently exploring the US market, how sweet would it be if you could order a pair of Morelia’s like this and have them delivered tomorrow? Let’s hope that they can make it happen. If you decide you want the opportunity to own a pair of Morelia’s, check out the Mizuno Morelia site for location/dealers where they can be found. Alternatively and probably the best way to get your hands on a pair here in the US, keep an eye on eBay listings where pairs are listed every so often!

We plan on having someone visit the performance center with the intent of reviewing this latest Morelia Neo for us. Stay tuned for further details on that, or simply watch the video below!

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  1. This amazing shoes.I already have green colourway. K-leahter is really soft n very thin, first touch is very good, lightweight 170grams.
    Conical studs are good for all surface. Shooting is like barefoot, so you feel where you just strike ball. Is maybe hurt, bs K-leather is thin.
    But I had that feeling(little) after 1hours shooting practise, so is OK. Bs you should practise shooting skill only 15-30minutes/1training session.
    They had similary size like Nike. So i have on Nike Vapor 6UK, the same for Morelia NEO. They have narrow ankle and wider forefoot.
    Heeling line is suede, super comfotbale and fix your ankle just right where it should be. Insole is one of best i ever had. Insole surface is smt like emery paper, so your foot stay fixed, your feet cannot slip inside shoes. This efect is just amazing, like(better than) TruSox, if know what TruSox is it.
    Mizuno is all about quality and techs, which is really works. Morelia NEO´s for worldwide are made in Indonesia, but I have no doubt that is very durable. Is leather shoes, so i must feed leather cream and clean it.
    I have leather F50 and F50 is amazing shoes, but this NEO is killer shoes. Is second best shoes I ve ever worn, share with Preds Mania, is Vapors 2,3 and is Predator Mania, 4. Copas, 5-6. Tiempo Legend IV Elite, Adipure II.

  2. I found the green color on ebay, and they are amazing. Super light, incredible touch, and comfortable very close to perfection.The first time I used them they left my feet sore but I changed the insole and that solved that problem.

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