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How do the Lotto Zhero Gravity II Fit?

Laceless Lotto

One of the most intriguing boots currently on the market is the new Lotto Zhero Gravity II, a boot that features a quite dramatic lace-less design. Reactions for this boot have been incredibly mixed, with players either loving or hating what they are all about. We actually got our hands on one of the first US pairs last week, and today was spent testing them out as part of an upcoming episode of The Gear Show. They felt decently comfortable, but there is a lot to take in and evaluate performance wise on this boot.

But, before that episode is released, I decided to upload my own video to give you some initial feedback on how they fit and as a bonus, demo how to get them on. My plan is to get them in a few more training sessions and then a game or two, before posting a review…..pretty soon – stay tuned for that.

If your interested in the Zhero Gravity II, they currently retail for $219.99.

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  1. i feel like these would have to be very tight to be anywhere near effective

  2. they seem to fit alright

  3. i feel like these would have to be very tight to be anywhere near effective

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