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Pele Trinity 3E K Review

Pele Trinity 3E K Review

It has been a tough week of training and along with that came the opportunity to really put the pair of Pele Trinity 3E K that arrived in last week through their paces. I normally wouldn’t rush to get a review out so fast, but under the circumstances and since there are so many similarities between these and the Symbioskin Trinity 3E, I wanted the get the review to those interested in picking up a pair. Straight off the bat, I can tell you that this is another boot that raises the profile of Pele Sports, with the modifications adding positives to what the boot already had to offer. For testing, I went with a size 8.5US – one of the important areas of this review is sizing, so make sure to check out more details on that below.

In terms of retail, using a Titan Leather upper slightly increased the boots value, with an initial retail price of $229.99.

Pele Trinity Titan Upper

Finding the Right Size
For this review, I decided to go a half size down since I found the Trinity Symbioskin fit slightly long. It proved to be the right decision and the half size down made a huge difference! I normally wear a 9US, these fit like a 9.5US. Players who need to room will be happy to know there is plenty of give in the Titan Leather upper. You definitely get some stretch in the areas where it is needed.

Breaking In
There is a definite ease when breaking in the Trinity K, and the Titan upper only makes things a step easier. Right out of the box, the upper is extremely supple and make for an comfortable transition into play. I’m pretty confident that those of who wear these boots will agree that Pele Sports has done a terrific job creating a fantastic new type of leather upper. Right through the boot, from the upper to soleplate, there is no stiff feel and that means from first wear they are a step ahead of the game. Straight off the bat, I wore them in a training session, where we started with some light jogging, onto some ball drills and then finished with some fitness – no problems to report!

Titan Leather Upper

Pele Trinity K Wet Conditions

Titan Leather Upper
What is ultimately the most important part of this boot is the Titan Leather upper. It is the addition that makes the range a true competitor in the market. In fact, there are not many other boots on the market with a leather that is this soft and lightweight. They are fashioned completely out of a breathable and soft leather that will not retain water, yet it is designed to offer comfort and touch on the ball.

Performance in Wet Conditions
You might have noticed that I had the opportunity to test these boots out in dry and wet conditions. Actually, by wet I mean very wet! Thankfully, results on this one are positive and the boot does its job when you need them to. The grass pitch I was testing them on was top quality, and kept in excellent condition. In terms of traction, you are getting a boot with a stud configuration that lives up to Pele Sports high estimation. The tri-pod easily holds its ground and there is an ease when accelerating out of turns. The Titan leather upper also holds true in wet conditions. Since it is a one-piece upper, it keeps the majority of moisture out while producing a nice touch on the ball. Unlike synthetic uppers, where rain can produce a slightly slick touch, the Titan upper adds a much needed gripped feel on the ball.

Lightweight Speed Boot
At 6.3oz, the Trinity K is the lightest all over leather boot on the market and features a one-piece upper. The Leather F50 adiZero weighs in at 6oz, but it also has Synthetic through the upper. It is an impressive feat by Pele Sports and gives players an all new type of speed boot. Mixed with the tri-stud configuration (read more about it below) it is a boot built for acceleration.

“Every aspect of the beautiful game is harnessed in the technology of these boots, and I can promise these will change your definition for what the perfect cleat should be….” – Pele Sports Team.

Pele Trinity Tri Stud

Stud Config of Trinity

Innovative Stud Configuration
It is not difficult to spot the differences between the soleplate on the Trinity compared to any other boot on the market! Five blades on the front and 3 on the back make for one of the most unusual configurations you will ever see. On first impression, it seems very daunting and I have to admit that I was nervous testing them out for the first time. The idea of playing with 3 misaligned studs at the back goes against the norm, you grow up expecting at least 2-4 parallel studs to keep you stable in play. Pele Sports claim that “The extreme position of the rear tripod studs trigger earlier ground contact and stability with high velocity release and the forefoot studs permit excellent traction and explosive acceleration.”

The big question, how do they test? Without over exaggerating, there is something about this configuration that actually makes you feel more stable on your feet! I was under the impression that the boot would easily wobble from side to side, but this is absolutely not the case. There is no rolling or movement whatsoever. I have had the opportunity to test them out on both grass and turf surfaces, with positive results on both. The boots hold firm without sticking, giving you the ability to accelerate and stride when needed, and also take quick steps when getting out of tight spaces.

Pele Trinity 3E K Tongue

Under the Tongue
Just a quick note – the tongue on these boots is extremely thin, but Pele Sports has placed a layer that feels like gel down toward the forefoot. It is very comfortable on your foot and adds a little extra protection in an area susceptible to other players studs.

I still have some reservations about the durability of the boots, with the upper to soleplate joining proving to be an area of concern. Over the week of testing, I did notice some slight separation along the instep, probably due to constant wear in wet conditions (note, I did dry them in the correct fashion after wear). I’ll update on this over the next few weeks.

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The Skinny Summary
Highlight: Pele Sport’s highly popular Trinity 3E gets the leather treatment, with a “Titan” leather creating an even better boot than before! Also features the advanced tri-stud heel configuration and they are superlight, at only 6.3oz.
Category: Speed – which is made more impressive by the fact they are sporting a leather upper.
Weight: 6.3oz, and the same as above – impressive!
Would I Buy Them: I would be extremely interested in buying a pair of these, and I’d choose these over the Symbioskin version. They would be an absolute buy if the durability issue was put to bed.
Player Position: The whole team can wear these as far as I am concerned! You just need to be weary of the fact that they have a very thin upper. In theory, they are perfect for most attacking style players, especially with that enhanced soleplate.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. so you would consider these far better than the non leather ones?

    I'm just looking for a very lightweight boot and have to decide between the trinity 3ek and the 3e.

    • awesome review by the way. Thanks!

      • Honestly I would say if its the upper that concerns you the most these would be worth getting. Otherwise I would get the 3E or even the Galileo, Same awesome outsole with better durability , little bit heavier.

  2. This review seems a little skimpy. Could give us more on width, feel, and aspects of the game. It is useful but very rushed.

  3. Well, these shoes would fit my playing style perfectly, I just need the money lol. I play mainly as right or left defender and forward, but I can be used an emergeny right or left midfielder/winger. I’m not the fastest on my team, but I can keep up with the flow of the game and I often attack. My game revolves around touch which means I need a good shoe that is comfortable and preferably leather. And something that fits wide feet too! Weight doesn’t matter to me because I can run in almost anything, I just find lightness an accessory and it’s nice to have sometimes. So these shoes would be perfect, except for the price tag :/

  4. Awesome boots

  5. The price tag, the difficulty to try on a pair, the long laces and the durability are my main concerns. Also the extremely high pricetag compared to other more established brand´s speed boots is of concern.

    • The laces are easy to replace even if they are a bit too long and if Bryan does encounter durability issues he will definitely make it known.

      • the question is why you'd like to buy a new pair of laces for any money when you already spend so mouch money on the pair of shoes. A design flaw for me anyways. Lightweight shoes have a tendency to be fragile. Im looking at the Puma EvoSpeed 1k. Tried the synthetics on and they were really sweet.

  6. these vs. evospeed k?

    • Evospeeds seem more comfortable but offer a more standard soleplate design, I would suggest that the 20 dollar difference in the shoes comes down to the leather being a tad bit nicer on the 3E and the soleplate being more advanced. I like the insole on the Evospeed's better as well.

  7. The leather Adizero actually weighs in at 6.9 ozs. The synthetic Adizero weighs in at 6.3 ozs.

  8. Note that there’s a lot of stud pressure on artificial and hard ground with these.

  9. Excellent review! Just one question. Is the upper on these thinner than on the Tiempo Legend IV Elite's?

  10. Hey Bryan, wrong cleats but you have the Copas as the most comfortable but they only have a 3 star rating. Everyone says its all about comfort but im just curious why they are so low?

    • Comfort is extremely important – but there is a lot more that goes into the scoring system, including technology, innovation, style and adjustment with the market (to name a few). The Copa is and will always be a classic, extremely comfortable and solid value option – but it doesn't hold the same properties as current day releases. Hope this clears it up for you!

  11. Andrew Desaulniers

    Hows the shoe seperation issue? I've noticed it on my pair aswell

  12. Do you recommend to kangaroo leather or the normal trinity?

    • I would definitely go with the leather version!

      • Bryan:

        Have you heard anything about the sole separating from the upper? I fix these 3 times a week with glue and tape. No response from the company after multiple attempts. Love the shoe otherwise. A real difficult situation in our case, because we are strapped to pay for these.

  13. Do you feel painful on your knees? You know, only 8 studs.

  14. I have tried these shoes for a number of matches. They are extremely comfortable and light as the Vapors. The one thing that would be an advancement over Nike's is the full leather upper that gives you the natural feel on the ball. However, if you tend to be a defender/striker, then this shoe will not feed your hunger for shooting/long passes.

  15. How how is the durability been on these pele trinity 3e k ?

    • I have the synthetic form. Upper is great, but there is separation of upper from sole with play on turf. The firm ground sole has posts with plastic stud caps. One of these fell off after the artificial grass wedged between the post and the cap. I keep repairing them (after every session) because the other aspects are very good. The company was not responsive to multiple questions I sent through their web site.

  16. After 6 weeks of training on turf (3 x 1.5 hours per week) the upper separated from the sole. One of the stud extensions fell off. Otherwise I have preferred these boots more than all but 1 model over the last 30 year.

    i repair them with glue and tape 3 times a week. People who spend the money on these boots need to know. I have contacted the company 5 times on the website with no response. If you need to know more, contact me.

    • The company has pretty much folded, with a slow and steady ending over the past 12 months. So there is pretty much no one to contact.

      • Bryan:

        Thanks for the update. Do the turf and artificial fields hammer many other brands and models? I don't know if there is a way way to work this into all of your reviews? I notice that some shoes are attached on the bottom with a metal fastener.

        Do you know anything about the durability of the new (top of the line) Puma boots on turf/artificial grass? They don't have the metal fastener.


        John Paul

        • Turf pretty much breaks down all boots. Its a negative to playing on artificial surfaces. But, companies are trying to adjust. It depends on the Puma model. I've had success with the evoPOWER on turf, they would be the best Puma option.

  17. will they be releasing any more of these shoes any time soon? i cant seem to find them.

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