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Nike CTR360 Maestri III in Sonic Yellow – Detailed

Sonic Yellow Nike CTR360 Maestri III

Admittedly, we are a little slow on getting some proper details out on the new Nike CTR360 Maestri III (Why? The “Castle Villa” Project.) But never fear Nike fans, we have an onslaught of details on its way to you!

To kick it all off, we have this selection of images, profiling the boots design, and some initial thoughts on the new control release. This pair is already well into testing, so stay tuned for a fast turn around and more in-depth details on what to expect if you splash out on a pair.

For those that want to jump the gun, they are currently available for $199.99.

Kanga-Lite Upper with All Conditions Control
The upper definitely feels slightly more rigid than it did on the CTR360 II, primarily due to the inclusion of ACC, something that I am very eager to test out in different conditions! If anything, it might actually benefit the boot as seems to add slightly more cushion.

Stitching Across the Upper
I’m heavily impressed with the 2 lines of stitching that sit across the upper. The intent here is obvious; create areas where the boot can naturally flex with the movement of your feet. It is perfectly situated and adds something simple but purposeful.

New Stud Geometry
Nike has changed things up in this area, and thankfully they have not taken a Vapor VIII approach! The studs are slightly more rounded, with no sharp edges. Nike state it adds “optimal 360-degree movement”, testing is where we will find out if they perform that well!

Check out more exclusive images of the boots below.

CTR360 Maestri III detailing (e)

CTR360 Maestri III detailing (a)

CTR360 Maestri III detailing (c)

Control Zone CTR360 III

CTR360 Maestri III detailing (b)

CTR360 Maestri III detailing (d)

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  1. tryed these boots out in the store on a small pitch of turf they had there and these shoes are extremely comfy and the touch on the upper is toooooo nice. i noticed the ball really stayed in your feet when chopping the ball with your instep which i found really nice. just not a huge fan of the new stud design seems that the boots would be good on turf but on a hard natural surface it feels as if there would be stud pressure.

  2. Any idea as to how wide these cleats are?

    • I have wide feet and they fit very well. They were tight through the first wear but then they loosen up and form to your foot very well.

  3. Why is there a triangle, circle, circle, design on the back?

  4. These CTR's are worlds away from the older CTR's. I used to only wear CTR's but have since moved on to the Mercurial. The only problem with this CTR to me is the rubber on the inner of the boot. I feel like it drags too much on the ball. The new stud configuration is great. The boot sits much closer to the ground like the Mercurial which I find to be wonderful.

  5. Awesome pair of studs are they available in market

  6. This cleat is pretty awesome. I've always bought mercurial's ( gave me lots of blisters but great for speed) and total90( comfy and powerful shots) and so finally when they designed this one with a new stud pattern, attractive color, and looks comfortable. I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and decided to try it out. Bought it for $110 and never regret buying them except for getting the wrong size.

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