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Nike GS – Where to Buy a Pair

Nike GS Released

The extremely advanced, limited edition Nike GS, or Green Speed, is set to be released this Wednesday, August 15th. With only 2012 pairs being released worldwide, there is going to be a mad dash of players fighting to pick up a pair. Even the $300 price-tag will not hold players back from searching them out, and I can guarantee they sell out within a day.

With that in mind, we will be bringing you details on where you can pick up a pair right from the moment they are released. Below is a list on online stores that will have the boots on sale, with links to the actual product listing for each boot when they are available. Save this page to your favorites so that you don’t miss out on a pair!

As an added bonus, we will have some exclusive footage of the boots on Tuesday, when we expect to have pair #1 in the SoccerCleats101 office!

(note: the boots arrived and a full breakdown is now available to check out)

Nike GS Boots

Conceived and engineered in Italy, the Nike GS features recycled and renewable materials throughout the upper and plate design. A bio-based traction plate made primarily from castor beans ensures strength and flexibility on pitch alongside a sock liner made from 100% castor beans. The boot laces, lining and tongue are made from a minimum of 70% recycled materials. The toeboard and collar, feature at least 15% recycled materials. Overall, the new boot weighs in at a super-lightweight 5.6oz.

To read more details, check out Nike GS Released – Light, Fast and Eco-Friendly.

Nike GS Upper

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  1. Hey Bryan, since you're a fan of speed boots. Could you do some sort of comparison of the speed boots available now? Or the 3 most popular… Adizero, vapor, and evospeed? It'd really help me and possibly a lot of other people out!

  2. Joe the leather blackout adizeros have the best touch, durability, comfort, and looks. I have tried vapor viis and they have pretty good touch but they rip and blister (narrow for wide feet), the trinity studs feel a little bit off and the leather doesn't have as great touch and are a bit narrow, and the evospeeds have pretty good leather but the heel counter sometimes bothers me. I play attacking center mid for u15 US national team and at the united states youth club soccer (highest level youth soccer in US) and I try really hard to find great boots because I train hard daily. I have been following sc101 for two years now and find Bryan's reviews very helpful! However as everybody knows feet are unique. For instance I have normal to wide feet and my teammates are narrow. We are going to blister easy in different cleats so it's all personal preference. My friend with narrow feet has the blackout adizeros and I do too and we both love them! I would go with adizeros but I'm not a pro like Bryan so he can give you some more in depth advice on cleats. Good luck finding new boots Joe!

    • The Great One. Thanks a lot for the help! I appreciate it. I think I'll go with the Adizeros! Thanks again and good luck to you and your team. Hope to see you go pro someday!

    • have you tried nike mercurial vapor viii? it's the best I played with so far.

  3. Your welcome Joe! I can assure you that breaking in the adizeros have gone great and they are super comfortable. Thanks about the comment about going pro someday…it's my dream and I hope that it will come true! Good luck to your team too and I'm sure you will rock the adizeros!

  4. Please please please please please please let this cleats be a fulltime release cleats i tried to buy one but it was out of stock nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  5. nike gs is the best

  6. Does anyone know a reputable website where I could still get these cleats?

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