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Nike T90 Laser IV in Bright Crimson/Dark Obsidian Released

T90 Laser IV Crimson

I’m really not sure where to start with this latest Nike T90 Laser IV release, except to compare them to a disco party piece from the 80’s, and immediately Madonna’s “Get into the Groove” comes to mind! The mesh of colors, a Bright Crimson/Dark Obsidian/Electric Green to be precise, creates an electric effect that stuns the eyes on first glance.

The big question is who actually will buy these? As is the way with so many releases, I can actually see a large chunk of players wanting to wear the full-flavored release. The T90 Laser IV range has been extremely popular with both attacking and defensive minded players, so there is definitely room for a new colorway to choose from. Plus the Electric Green detailing along the Crimson Red upper creates a one-off type of pop.

In terms of retail, the T90 Laser retails for $219.99.

Nike Total90 Laser in Crimson Red

Something else to note about these is the fact that Nike employ a solid forefoot color – this is the first time we have seen them do it on a regular release in the T90 IV range. The Euro Edition did feature a solid white forefoot, but the overall visual design of that boot was unique to the Clash Collection.

One of the primary features of T90 Laser IV is the Adaptive Shield region across the strike zone. It is particularly effective as it bends in motion with your foot as you control the ball, making for a really smooth strike just as Nike advertise. I recently posted a full review for the synthetic version, and they tested out really well.

Along with the release, Nike introduced us to the slogan “The Perfect Strike”, giving you some idea of the direction they have headed with this boot.

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Crimson T90 Laser IV

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  1. Do these have the KL 2.0?

  2. i really like these!

  3. The new colourways released for the T90’s and Mecurial Vapor’s now all has the ACC labelled on the tongue of the boot. Thats very interesting, would like to find out more about it !

  4. Those cleats are really good looking. I haven't really liked laser's in the past though so I probably would want them.

  5. I actually got myself the shoot version in this colorway. They really feel comfortable, and I'm digging the colors on it.

  6. these are the best shoes i use them and they work like thay say

  7. Hi I was hoping somebody can answer this. I wore the Ctr maestri 2 last season in size 10 and it fit perfectly. So should I get a size 10 in this t90 4 ACC cleat or get a 9.5??

    ** And I like a shoe to fit tight**

    • You should get a 10.5 b/c im a 9 and i like my cleats to feel tight too but when i tryed the Total 90 iv in a 9 they were too tight and hurt my toe so i got a 9.5 and they fit perfectly & i have that tight feeling. They are also very comfortable right out the box.

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