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Nike Tiempo Legend IV in Soar/White Released

Nike Tiempo IV Soar

Here is a new Nike Tiempo Legend IV colorway that Nike has really put together well. Officially listed as a Soar/White, this is a colorway that only adds to the overall appeal of the already extremely popular Legend release. To date, we have only seen more traditional colors used through the IV series, and although this adds a more dynamic look to the range, it doesn’t stray across the war line.

Only a few weeks back we were introduced to the Black/Challenge Red colorway and the one thing that a lot of players commented on was the tongue design. In my opinion, it looks even better on these with the white adding a crisp look. The soleplate is also pretty unique, with a gradual blue color spreading through several studs.

In terms of retail, you can pick up this latest colorway for $159.99 or check out the entire range of Tiempo Soar/White releases.

Soar Nike Legend IV

When it comes to the Tiempo Legend IV, I’ve had the opportunity to test a pair and also NikeID personalize my own Irish version. Performance wise, these just straight up work and they compliment any player looking for a boot that provides great touch and control. The leather upper is top quality and ranks amongst the best I have had the opportunity to test.

Nike has removed itself from the Elite version of the boot, so the Legend now stands as the top tier boots. Being honest, I have found that the regular version offers an enormously better value for money option and works just as effectively in game, so I’m glad to see these boots getting the recognition they deserve!

Tiempo IV Soar Debut

You might have spotted these on pitches right across the Europe this past weekend, with Ashley Cole and Joleon Lescott being two players who scored while wearing a pair on their debut weekend. Note that both are defenders – so maybe this is the new goalscoring defender boot of choice? The colorway also complimented both the Chelsea and Man City kits really well.

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Tiempo Legend IV Soar White

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  1. OOOO, ACC. Things are getting fancy!

  2. perfect for the Chelsea home kit!

  3. Does ACC affect the shoe in negative way? I don't like the idea of abrasive feel on a shoe…

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