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PUMA evoSPEED 1 in PUMA Silver Released

Puma Silver evoSPEED 1

Normally, I am a sucker for leather releases, but out of the versions of the new Puma evoSPEED 1 released, this Synthetic one has one-up. Official listed as PUMA Silver/Team Green/Team Violet, this colorway has a lot of pop and the look is definitely fresh. It is an emotional mix that screams Winter soccer in my opinion. Yesterday, we brought you the Project Pink version of the evoSPEED, which has a very emblematic look – this one has an equally good chance of visually standing out on pitch.

The main reason I have gone with profiling the Synthetic version is because it holds a slight more appealing metallic look over the slightly drab Leather. It is not my top choice of colorways currently on the market, but I like where Puma has headed with this. The evoSPEED itself is a great boot and offers performance characteristics to suit any pacey player who appreciates lightweight with good touch.

In terms of retail, you can pick up the highlighted Synthetic version for $184.99, whereas the Leather version comes in at $199.99 – both are currently available to purchase.

Puma evoSPEED 1 in Silver

So, what is the Puma evoSPEED 1 all about?
Weighing in at 6.3oz, the evoSpeed 1 is all about speed and acceleration, The upper is made of a thin monolayer microfiber upper that features a dot-pattern along the forefoot for added control benefits, while stability is provided by the internal EverFit cage. The anatomically engineered lightweight one-piece outsole provides stability and support, utilizing high-tech materials to minimize weight and to maximize its flexibility and reactivity.

One area of real interest is the soleplate and stud configuration. Puma has removed all carbon fiber materials and gone for a TPU outsole instead. Mixed with a completely different stud configuration to that of the V series, it makes for interesting results – especially with the pink tips on this version!

Different Uppers – Leather vs Synthetic
Puma offer two different offers to suit different player styles. I am personally a fan of the K-leather version, especially because of the level of touch you get on the ball. For those who want a more lightweight option, the Monolayer Microfiber upper is designed to be durable and it is ultimately much easier to clean. The Microfiber upper is also a one piece, so there is no stitching right through. Again, preference on the upper will simply vary by player taste!

How does this latest colorway suit your taste and would you choose it over the Project Pink version?

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  1. They look very much Incredible Hulk-ish.

  2. These are cool cleats. I have been wearing them for about 6 months now and I'm on my second pair. On the first pair the toe started separating from the upper after about 4 games. I was pretty bummed out about it but I wrote puma on their website, sent a picture and they actually gave me in-store credit for the defect! I haven't had any problems with the second pair at all, in fact I love them. Everything is great except for the lack of protection. I've gotten my toe stepped on a few times and it felt like I got a toenail ripped off because it hurt so bad, but I guess that's the price you pay for light weight.
    These have gotten really cheap since they've come out with the new version. I just bought an extra pair for when mine wear our. The best price I found was around $60 at that's way cheap considering that 6 months ago I couldn't get them for less than $120 anywhere.

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