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Joma Total Fit FG – Revamped!

New Joma Total Fit

Joma don’t get a great deal of attention on the pages of SoccerCleats101, but that doesn’t mean they don’t produce top performing boots. It is simply a result of their lack of activity in the US market. But, when they produce boots just like this Black/White/Flame release, they deserve plenty of positive vibes!

What we have here is an updated version of the Joma Total Fit. The original Total Fit has been on the market for a few years now with little to no change, only a few new colorways thrown in here and there. Basically, this was a range well overdue a change-up. Interestingly, Joma has decided against bumping this to a version 2, instead leaving the name unchanged. Interesting ploy, maybe. Either way, this is a boot with plenty of attitude and a lot of updates (as detailed below).

For those who like this new look, the range’s retail price has actually been DROPPED from $159.99 to $149.99 – now, that is something you don’t see very often!

Joma Total Fit FG

Changes to the One-Piece Upper
You get the same glorious one piece K-Leather found on the original Total Fit. Having one piece means that there is less stitching and less loosening up to be achieved through the upper. In other words, these boots are designed to start molding to your foot from day 1. You might have noticed the text located along the front of the boot, “Total Fit”. Its positioning is pretty self explanatory, and for those wondering, it doesn’t add any performance benefits. Finally, the heel counter has been bulked up a little to add extra protection, but even with this alteration, the boots still weighs in at 9.4oz – no change.

Improved Tongue Design
Joma change things up here, by removing the annoying flap tongue that I found I had to tie my laces over to keep in place. On this release, it is less obtrusive and seems to sit along the ankle lining rather than the front of the boot. Without wearing them, it is tough to tell how effective the design is comfort wise, but at least it is an area that Joma addressed.

Off-Centered Lacing
This is an interesting change and one that actually modernizes the look of the boot. It is a very minimal off center lacing, but it makes a difference to how the boots look. And, this also allows for a slightly larger strike zone.

Soleplate – New Stud Configuration
This is where the greatest changes in the boot exist. Joma has completely redesigned the configuration and the stud shape. Rather than a thin stud, this version features a textured range of studs on the forefoot and blades on the back. It is a pretty dynamic change-up from the highly touted 360 design on the previous release. I much prefer this more tradition design and it has the potential to substantially improve traction.

What are your thoughts on this new look, and does it at all encourage you to buy Joma? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Joma Total Fit in Black

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  1. Awesome looking shoe. Waiting for your review on this!

  2. Looks good. New top flex designs to be released soon

  3. ugly prefer the old one

  4. They look great! I might try and get a pair of these.

  5. I don’t give a rip how they look. I’m incredulous if any serious player over the age of 18 does. Straight black is fine as is organge or green. Meaningless.

    What is more interesting, missed by the reviewer, is that these have a fairly wide last, good news for players with wide feet. I play 3x per week in these because they are far more comfortable than my $220 Adizero F50s or my $200 Nike Tiempos, both of which are tortuous for an E width foot.

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