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Robin Van Persie Sticks With the adiPower Predator - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Robin Van Persie Sticks With the adiPower Predator

Van Persie and Young

I already brought his up a few weeks back (The Curious Case of the Adidas adiPower Predator) but again the Adidas adiPower Predator needs to be highlighted while it takes the spotlight. Robin Van Persie is the player who has really brought the boots to center-stage, choosing to wear them over the new Adidas Predator LZ and scoring hat fulls of goals in the process.

We normally don’t see older models of boots hanging around so much, with brands requiring their players move to the newer models. By choosing to stick with an older model, it really makes the new range seem less effective – a pro-players endorsement can play a big role in how consumer view and buy boots and Van Persie is making a HUGE statement. I’m sure Adidas would prefer to see him in the Pred LZ, but then again I doubt they are complaining since he is scoring goals and gaining plenty of attention at the moment while wearing the signature 3-stripes.

*If you are interested in picking up a pair, there are still plenty on offer, with the best line-up left on

adipower Predator Collection

Realistically, the Predator LZ is a completely different boot to the adiPower and they are designed to offer players a different type of performance. Having tested both, I don’t necessarily think the adiPower is a better boot than the Predator LZ, but it is a much more effective power boot. And RVP obviously feels more confident in them. And it really is as simple as that – he feels confident in them, is scoring goals and probably feels like this particular boot compliments his current style of attacking play. 8 goals in 10 games is a pretty solid return.

The big question is how long will RVP continue wearing them and will his decision influence the direction Adidas head with future releases? I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I am becoming increasingly tempted to pick up a few pairs of adiPowers before they sell out. As I have stated before:

I regularly get into conversations with fellow players about the Predator range and I must admit that the performance benefits of the adiPower rates amongst the highest in the market. Plus the fact that you can get them on sale now also adds to the value they offer.

Just in case you don’t find a pair at, check out the price comparison listings from all other stores below.

Predator LZ – What you need to know
The one thing we do know is that the Predator LZ takes the range in a new hybrid control/power direction. So, what makes the new Predator so different from previous editions? On this release, you get 5 different areas where technology has been employed, producing 5 different levels of performance. Rather than being a Power boot, this latest release is more of a hybrid that offers players more control right throughout their game. As is the current trend with new releases, the upper has been re-engineered to combine the properties of a leather and synthetic upper. The material used is a mix of synthetic and a new Hybrid SL, adding an interesting twist to the release.

adiPower Predator – What you need to know
The adiPower Predator itself is a pretty fantastic boot and it mimics the qualities we expect from a top line Adidas release. The overall look and performance of the 11th Predator incarnation is very competitive and they offer a great mix of power with a lightweight feel. Adidas has re-engineered the entire Predator Zone in a pretty cool way and now refer to it as the Predator Element. Basically, a silicon rubber is strategically positioned and tuned to create a uniform surface with rebound effect, for those times when you need some extra power behind your shots.

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  1. I love the adipowers too! I actually bought couple of pairs to last me ages with these.
    Right now I have a pair of f50s which I use sometimes to improve my speed and when I know my opponents are not as rough, and 3 pairs of the adipowers.
    I am really in love with adipowers!

  2. Honestly from my own testing and from what I've seen. The only thing the LZ has over the adiPower is wear and tear. The LZ all synthetic makeup seems to be showing less signs of wear than an adiPower. Other than that, feel, acceleration, grip, striking and protection all go to the adiPower. The rumours are that Adidas are reconsidering bringing back the adiPower silo. We'll have to wait and see. They stuffed up the adiPure line, they stuffed up the adiPower line too by basically deleting it. I'm not saying there isn't a place for the LZ because there is. I just don't think they should of replaced the adiPower with the LZ boot.

    It's like the Copa, not many people would realise there are still current EPL plyers that wear the Copa. Shorey #3 for Reading FC (Right Back) wears Copa's proudly and even with the flappy tongue. Old boots don't seem to bother many professional players because they provide a touch and feel that these newer synthetics can never match. But when Adidas is paying some of your bills, well you will pretty much wear what ever crap they tell you to sometimes.

    • I’m inclined to agree with you; quite simply the LZ is not a Predator in any sense of the word and is very much diametrically opposed to what the name ‘Predator’ conjures up. It is a control boot and should have been positioned as such to compete with the CTR360 etc. and ought to have been referred to as the AdiKontrol or something like that. I believe Adidas made a misstep in naming it as the current Predator and probably did so as a calculated risk knowing they had their work cut-out to compete with Nike and could use the good-will and drawing-power the Predator line has engendered over the last 2 decades. I think their faith was misplaced hence the backlash and their having players test a new blacked-out boot which presumably may be the next Predator.

      I believe the Adipower should have remained as the Predator pending the next iteration of it – the Adidas Incurza for example while being a rugby boot, would have been the perfect follow-up in terms of look given that it evokes memories of the Adidas Predator Touch which was quite a classy boot (and the predecessor to the illustrious Predator Accelerator) and stays true to the aesthetic of the Predator which was an aggressive, brute of a boot with its rubber fins-I fondly recall wearing those/seeing them on others and knowing that they did the business.

      As regards the current crop of boots. unfortunately it’s a marketing-ploy and as such to earn your pennies you need to toe the line and wear whatever you’re given, after all they are free boots and it’d be impolite/breach of contract not to acquiesce to your endorser.It is incredible to think though that the price of football boots has exploded in the last decade or so for inferior materials that can never mimic real k-leather; even with all the technological breakthroughs, you cannot ever imitate natural fibres. It’ll be a very sad day if and when such leather boots are phased out and I intend to stockpile multiple pairs (I have 8 pairs in case at present for that).

  3. I like a close fit with my boots and currently have some FG F50s in a size 10 (UK) which fit fairly snug and nice. I need some new SG boots and am looking at the adiPowers for a bit of variety. Would I be better going down half a size as they’re leather and will therefore stretch out a bit or should I stick with a 10?

    • I am similar in that I like a snug fit so I can get better feel/touch on the ball and more security when I tighten them. It's really up to you as a matter of preference; I found that going half a size down in the Adipowers initially was a bit of a pain in breaking them to make the leather stretch to my feet/conform the shape of my feet but after that they fit very snugly – I also took the laces out of one pair of eyelets to accomplish that initially; I also wore them around the house (using Cleatskins) for a couple of hours at a time to get them to stretch gradually.

      I also have them in my regular size and they fit very well so ultimately the preference is yours and based on what your feet are like; for half a size I don't think it'll prove that big an effort or be that painful – in fact I prefer half a size smaller than half a size bigger given that I don't like too roomy a toebox.

      • Hey Hondo, thanks for your input! Out of interest have you had a recent pair of F50s you can compare the AdiPowers too fit-wise?

        • Yes, I have the Adiizero Micoach F50s in leather and they fit slightly wider in terms of the toe-box; they're almost 'bulbous' or 'more rounded' than the Adipower. I guess you could say in that respect and because the overlay is synthetic when you tighten the boot it stays rigid and you don't get as much tightness further down and it is more in the mid-foot area. It's a different feeling but I also appreciate that it nevertheless.

          By contrast, with the Adipowers, the toe-box and overlay/laces area is the same piece of Taurus leather and so when you tighten the laces the whole boot does so. In terms of fit otherwise I wear a size 8 US in the Adizero and have an index finger width of space between my toes and the edge of the toe-box while if I wear the Adipower in an 8 the same applies but I can get away with, as indicated earlier, going to 7.5 and having a very snug fit given said 'pointiness' of the boot which I find appealing.

          That being said, give the Adipowers a go in in half a size down but be prepared to be patient to break them in; once you do they're a real treat I can assure you. But above all – try them first in your regular size and half a size down – if initially it's too painful going down don't persist as it isn't worth hurting yourself for the perfect fit (I can attest to that)

          • Thanks so much for the advice Hondo! I decided to order 10UK, the same as my F50s leathersI actually originally had my F50s in 9.5s and they felt fine but must have been too tight as my big toes got really bruised (to the point where the nail fell off!) so didn't want to risk that again. Hopefully the 10s will still feel snug, if not I'll see if I can still exchange for a 9.5

          • Sounds good – give the larger size a go and if they don't work you can always go down and see if that suits you; you'll enjoy the Adipowers as they are very well made boot and are nice and stiff with the Powerspine. Although for me the Predator element isn't on the right part of the boot as I strike through the laces/top of the foot where the Predator element used to be on its predecessors and I get a vicious knuckle/'mukaiten' effect as a result; if they used centred lacing and had the rubber Predator element on the toe-box like the previous models I daresay it'd be a very real contender to the Predator Accelerator (the best Predator ever made and the first I loved)

          • Yep stick to the 10UK, loosing a toe nail is a sign YOUR CLEATS ARE TOO TIGHT lol.

            Thing is this with sizing, if you have a narrow to regular width foot you can get away with squeezing into a smaller tighter pair to reduce the space between the end of the toe box and your toe. This will give a better feel once the leather all round the cleat has broken in.

            If you have a really wide foot, you probably can't avoid having a little space. Only the Copa might stretch out to the exact shape of your foot after break in and you can risk buying a really snug fit for that cleat. But that is the only boot I can think of where a really wide footed player can do that.

            The only full leather cleat that I can think of which will hardly stretch at all is the Tiempo Legend IV Elite because of the integrated flywire. Which is why just about every body recommends going 1/2 up on them to what you normal would wear. In other words buy the same size are you would in Nike runners lol.

  4. Guys the best players to still find a New pair of adiPower Predators is eBay. But I've been noticing they are selling real fast. Must be all this new found publicity Robin Van Persie has been giving these boots. The amazing goal scoring form he is in for Man U also wouldn't be hurting either. Probably the hardest colourway to find would be the last ones ever made (blackout).

  5. Me and my buddies just picked up a couple pairs at an Adidas clearance center for $45. Black and orange woooo!

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