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Nike GS II - The Return of Green Speed - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Nike GS II – The Return of Green Speed

Nike GS Concept II Released

Nike is back with the second generation of what is their lightest, fastest and greenest production boot on the market – the Nike Green Speed II. When the initial Green Speed was released, there was an absolute mass frenzy and the 2012 pairs sold out within hours. This time around, Nike has a new colorway and and added some addition personal touches,  so don’t expect there to be too much different this time around.

We are one of the first to not only have a pair, but to also have had the opportunity to test them out already. Just to note, the images were taken after testing, so you might notice they have a slightly worn look. Here is a breakdown of what you need to know about the new boot, with some bonus comments on performance!

All Conditions Control

There is not a great deal different between these and the original version, except for the colorway and the inclusion of All Conditions Control (ACC) technology. ACC, which is a special treatment applied to the solvent-free Kanga-Lite synthetic upper during the development process, has the purpose of enhancing ball control in both wet and dry conditions. We have already seen this technology added to the current Nike line-up (including the Clash Collection) with positive feedback from players, so it makes sense to add it on this futuristic release.

What….No Funky Colors?

And then there is the colorway. My initial reaction when I saw them for the first time was one of shock. Not because they look bad, but rather because Nike chose a less obnoxious colorway than I was expecting. My eyes were ready for something like a Fluorescent Blue, so how refreshing was it to see the Black/White colorway when I opened the box. In fact, my reaction was caught on video for our summary episode of these boots (to be posted in the next few days!) so you will actually get to see it. In play, the White forefoot is really white, like the purest white you will find and it really stands out in play.


Nike GS ACC Up Close

Nike Green Speed II

Renewable and Recycled Materials

As with the original release, the Nike GS 2 boot is constructed using renewable and recycled materials, designed for explosive performance on the pitch and lower impact on the planet. Every component has been optimized to reduce weight and waste, creating Nike’s lightest football boot ever at a superlight 5.6oz. Conceived and engineered in Italy, Nike use a bio-based traction plate, which is made primarily from castor beans to ensure strength and flexibility on pitch, alongside a sock liner made from 100% castor beans. The boot laces, lining and tongue are made from a minimum of 70% recycled materials, while the toeboard and collar feature at least 15% recycled materials.

Performance – Taking Them to the Pitch

If you had the glorious opportunity to own or wear a pair of the original Green Speed, they fit and feel the very same. For those who might be interested in this installment, note that they start out tight and need a few sessions to really break in. Because of the materials used, there is a particularly evident stiff feel through the ankle. Over time it does loosen up but don’t expect to take these out of the box and into a game, they need time. Through the forefoot, they offer a roomy fit and the Kanga-Lite synthetic upper is extremely soft – a definite plus and an area Nike has really perfected. The ACC technology adds a slightly tacky feel that really allows for a confident feel on the ball.

I’ve got 2 more sessions to really get a good feel for these boots, expose them to a 90minute game, and then they live the retired life of luxury! If I notice anything different, I’ll make sure to add some updates.

Green Speed Kanga Lite

GS II Upper

Wearing Nike Green Speed

Who Will Wear Them?

Theo Walcott, Eden Hazard, Raheem Sterling, Mario Goetze, Christian Eriksen and El Shaarawy are just some of the players who will be sporting them over the next few weeks.

When and Where Can I Buy Them?

For those of you eager to pick up a pair, there are going to be several sites listing them for pre-order with a price of $250. We will have an updated list of retail sites posted below as we find them. Their official date for availability/delivery will be December 1st, but I have a feeling they might be sold out by then!

Finally – I want to hear what you have to say about this new release. Has Nike taken a gamble by going with a White/Black design? And do you think these will sell out as quickly? Comment below!

Nike GS II Soleplate

All Conditions Control

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  1. Where's the list then? I'm too eager to buy these!

  2. The huge "ACC" on the side of the boot ruins it. If they would have left it off the boot would look great.

  3. Not a big fan of the “ACC,” but if it’s a good quality boot it could have a My Little Pony on it for all I care.

  4. On they just said that pre-order is available tomorrow on

  5. Will there be a limited amount released? If so, how many will be released?

  6. Where Will these be available???

  7. is there a limited amount of these cleats?

  8. Wasn't a fan of the first, and am not a fan of these. Performance aside, they just look atrocious and remind me of golfing shoes. I can only imagine that these are some prototype for a future boot to come.

  9. I wear 9.5 US in the Mercurial range.. What size should I order since they’re only is sizes 9 or 10 US?

    Please reply ASAP

  10. Is there a limited number of the gs ii released?

  11. everything about it is perfect except the price ..

  12. Forgive me if I am not as taken by the GS releases as most are. I'm sure the quality of the boot is good as seen from the review and I applaud the idea of recycled material used in production of football gear but that being said, what exactly are we paying for, here? I could get behind this whole GS thing a heck of a lot more if Nike actually went all in with this philosophy and made other lines of their boots with recycled material (Lasers, Maestris, etc.) From what I have read, this release amounts to just another Mercurial Vapor but made out of recycled material, with a different colorway, and one or two different bits added on yet 200 dollars more expensive. Basically it's just an even more glorified Vapor Superfly. I understand the correlation between exclusivity and price but I think what they are asking for is more than a tad unreasonable even in today's boot market. I feel like we as consumers and players are letting ourselves get worked over by manufacturers.

  13. Got mine today for about SGD 300+. First impression: very light. Although I’m not such fan on how the front part of the boot got ‘deformed’ after used, but I like the color combination, and the spikes form. Very desirable pair.

  14. i wanna cry couldn't find my size

  15. Can I get a pair of these in indoor style?

  16. I purchased a pair for my son as a Christmas gift. He loves them. However, the ACC letters have started peeling off. After paying this much for them I did not expect this to happen.

  17. Does anyone know a good website where I can still get a pair of nike gs 1 or nike gs2?

  18. I got mine from Prodirect during the sale for SGD250. My opinion, I got it at a steal compare to when it was launch but honestly, I would not have bought it if it was not on sale and exclusiveness.

    But to my surprise, I think this boots comes close to what I like. Leather type material upfront provide good ball control and the textile material at the back provide good protection. The textile surprisingly provide good protection. A good fit after breaking it in.

    The stud configuration is good but need getting some use to when I wore it first. Because the inner front stud was exactly on the big toe. But I realize it helps with your turning when you pivot.

    I havent got the chance to use it in the rain so I cannot comment on the ACC portion.

    I find it one of the best cleats I used so far. Light, good protection and good quality.

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