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Warrior Skreamer S-Lite Hits The Market

Warrior Skreamer S-Lite

American brand, Warrior, have been in the spotlight over the past year since they signed a shirt sponsorship with Liverpool. Well, they haven’t stopped at just jerseys, instead they have moved onto cleats, with the release of the Warrior Skreamer S-Lite. It is an interesting move by Warrior and they claim to have done extensive research in developing a new type of performance boot.

Straight off the bat, they have a $199.99 price tag and are available to buy at It is an expensive starting point for a new release to the market, but it seems like there has been plenty of research put into the final product.

With that, lets take a second and review some images of the new silo………

Warrior Skreamer Soccer Cleats

Ok, that is definitely enough imagery. The pressing question is what was the first thing you noticed? Maybe the fish-scale like design on the forefoot? A clash of wildly quirky colors? Or was it an overall design that screams “show me some attention”? For me, it was all these, with a mix of “what were Warrior thinking” thrown in. Honestly, these boots seriously remind me of a reptile or an exotic fish of some sort. I could be more critical, but lets be honest you really need to see a boot first-hand to know exactly what they look like.

This debut colorway comes in a Blue Radiance/Bright Marigold/Insignia Blue, but it is not in the design where Warrior are trying to gain initial momentum. A durable, superlight one-piece microfiber upper that features an eye-catching rubber arrowhead or scale pattern is the real talking point. The scales on the forefoot offer enhanced ball control and the ability to add extra swerve, accuracy and power on shots.

So, we can confirm that they are a power boot. But the interesting part is that they weigh in at a pretty impressive 7.4oz – lighter than Predator LZ! I’m surprised that they have been able to achieve such a light weight considering the technology on the forefoot and the addition of a HeelShield heel counter. Another positive is that Warrior has created the boot with a stitch-free inner, for zero abrasion and ultimate comfort.

Ultimately, we need to get a pair for testing just to see what they have to offer, and that is what we are already working on doing!

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Blue Warrior Skreamer S-Lite

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  1. Bryan, what about the K leather ones, why don't you review those? they look better on the forefoot in my opinion

  2. The forefoot looks like it has the same properties as the 360 bio pannels on the Wave Ignitus 2, Like they are made from hard rubber, for dry friction, instead of tackyness, like the TPU found on Lasers. if so, they should work out great.

  3. Whatever happened to the pele trinity contest? I got a message on YouTube saying I won but I never got them nor have I heard from anyone at kicktv in a little less than 2 months.

  4. These look like top notch boots. I doubt they will sell well though and I'm definitely not a fan of this color scheme.

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