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Boots You Want On Your Holiday Wishlist

Whether you are looking to pick up a new pair of boots for yourself or you are looking to pick up a pair as a gift, finding the right pair can prove to be pretty challenging. Over the past 12 months we have seen nearly 20 new silos hit the market and over 100 new colorways – that is a lot of options!

To help you out, here is our list of boots you should definitely consider this holiday season.

Best of Best Cleats

Best of the Best – Top Price Choices

Nike Vapor VIII CR – As worn and designed by one Cristiano Ronaldo, the Black to Blue to Pink fade adds for a pretty iconic look on pitch. I’m definitely a fan of the Black upper with signature Gold detailing. The Vapor emerged as a top performing boot in 2012 and was probably the most improved new silo we have seen in a while.
Original Retail: $250
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Adidas F50 adiZero – The boot of choice for Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. This exact colorway was released less than a month ago and until now they were not readily available on the market. Built for speed, they weigh in at 5.8oz and have a pretty advanced SprintWeb upper.
Original Retail: $230
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Puma evoSPEED 1 SL – This is a boot that I like a lot and it is definitely designed for players who value pace in their game. This colorway is also pretty emblematic and holds a sharp look from a company known for their designs. They weigh in at 5.6oz.
Original Retail: $300
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Economical Soccer Cleats

Spending Wisely – Best Value For Money

Puma PowerCat 1.12 – The PowerCat is a boot built for power and playmaking and it has become known as the Cesc Fabregas boot in recent times. Durability is key with this boot and they are designed to offer longevity. I’ve gone with the Blackout colorway for this list, as it seems to be available at a terrific price right now. And it looks great!
Original Retail: $198
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Adidas adiPower Predator – In my opinion, this is the one boot on the market that every player should play attention to! Adidas has drifted away from Power with the Predator range, so this is the last true Pred we will probably see. Robin Van Persie is one player in particular who is yet to move on and has continued to sport the adiPower.
Original Retail: $220
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Under Armour Hydrastrike II – Out of every boot on this list, this is probably the most unexpected, yet they are definitely an option I am continually recommending to players. The upper has a unique H2Oi coating, while they offer extreme comfort. A very affordable, easy to break in, high performing and comfortable K-leather boot that will impress even the most angst Under Armour oppressor!
Original Retail: $138
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Mid Tier Options

Economical Options – Best of Mid-Tier

Nike Miracle III – Of all the mid-tier boots I have tested, these were one of my favorites and the reason is simple.. A soft Teijin Microfiber upper mimics the performance of the Vapor, while they also feature that extraordinary 2-blade heel design.
Original Retail: $132
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Adidas Predator Absolion LZ – If you are a fan of the predator but just can’t splash out on a pair, the Absolion is an option that is definitely worth considering. They have a soft upper and the Lethal Zones still offer some texture, even if they can’t give you the same feel as the high end option.
Original Retail: $122
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Nike T90 Strike IV – These stand as one of the most popular 2nd-tier boots on the market and with good reason. Built in the same mold as the Laser, the Strike offers a unique type of power performance. They don’t have fins on strike zone, but they still offer a solid touch on the ball.
Original Retail: $121
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And Finally…..

Nike GS Concept II – If you really want to splurge, there is the option of picking up a pair of Nike’s most eco-friendly and lightest boot ever released. They weigh in at 5.6oz and feature recycled and renewable materials throughout the upper and plate designThe GS is listed as a limited edition release and they are sure to sell out before the Holiday season is over.
Original Retail: $250

What other boots would you add to the list or recommend for fellow players?

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