Thursday , November 30 2023

Awesome Lionel Messi – Kobe Bryant Commercial

This is pretty awesome – the best soccer player in the world and arguably the best basketball player in the world have teamed up for this Turkish Airlines commercial.

Both Messi and Kobe fight over the attention of a young kid – how awesome does this kid feel! I’m not going to tell you who he chooses, you will just have to watch and find out.

Its always interesting to see two heavyweights from different sports come head-to-head, even though they have separate sponsorships. Kobe is Nike, while Messi is Adidas.

So, the big question is who would you choose to get an autograph from? Messi, Kobe or would you go for the ice-cream?

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  1. How much do you think they were paid for that…

  2. Ice cream always wins

  3. messi is the soccer player and world for me

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