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Puma PowerCat 1 Graphic – The Fabregas Edition

PowerCat 1 Overview

This right here is the new Puma PowerCat 1 Graphic that was exclusively designed for Cesc Fabregas, and lets be honest – it is pretty flamboyant!

Yes, the design is wild and extremely bold, but this is nothing new for the Puma brand. Fabregas actually played a role in designing the boot and you can tell he took some inspiration from the Barca colors, well the funky away jersey at least.

These boots are currently available to buy at

As the name says – built for Power

One thing is certainly obvious with this release, and that is Puma’s increased focus on “Power”. With the likes of Adidas drifting away from the Power category (the Predator is now a Control/Hybrid) it certainly makes sense for Puma to increase their stake in that area. Their advertising campaign is being led by the following slogan: “The Nature of the Power Hungry – They Relish Scoring 20 Yard-ers”

Fabregas Puma PowerCat 1

PowerCat 1 Rather than 1.12

I just noticed this, but Puma has changed the name of the boot from 1.12 to simply 1. Now, I am not an advertising specialist, but I think this change was long overdue and I really hope it is a continuing trend with upcoming releases. It can get confusing distinguishing between different boots based off a decimal number rather than a simple, basic while number.

What Puma is saying

When you see an opportunity, you have less than a split second to execute. Cue the PUMA PowerCat 1 FG. It’s made for the power hungry with its powerCELL properties. PUMA 3D PST DUO Technology helps improve ball grip and kicking precision while soft, premium K-Leather enhances touch. The bladed stud configuration delivers on maneuverability and pressure distribution while the external heel counter protects and stabilizes. And lastly, an asymmetrical lacing system and PUMA PowerLast provide a snug yet comfortable fit. In short, this power-packed boot thinks for your feet so all you have to do is read, shoot, and score.

What we are Saying

Having tested the PowerCat 1.12, the major talking point of the release lies with the strike zone, where you will find Puma’s newly innovated PST, or Power Shooting Technology. It is comprised of two separate regions of TPU, both featuring different densities and serving opposite functions. In terms of sizing, the one company I regularly encounter issues with is Puma – but they seem to have got these spot on! The big question is what has been altered in thePowerCat 1 and how do they compare to the PowerCat 1.12. From the images I have seen so far, there does seem to be some significant changes and to do date, reports on the new release have been a little mixed and confusing. Once we get more details, we will update.

New Puma PowerCat 1

Puma PowerCat detailing

PowerCat Tribal Design

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  1. I used to think Puma's decimal system was confusing as well, and I'm not sure if you know this, but the the "12" in 1.12 just means it's the 2012 model. I don't know how it took me so long to figure that out, but it did. So I disagree that it's confusing. This does seem to be the trend with Puma, though. The new Kings are simply the "Puma King", which makes it a little harder to find relevant info via a Google search.

  2. I’m still unsure if these are leather or synthetic because of several reviewers saying they are synthetic in the forefoot but Puma says leather.

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