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The Only Soccer Boots You Should Be Wearing!

The Right Boots

Finding the right pair of boots is extremely important. That is why I am cutting this post and my thoughts short and I am looking for you to do something instead.

All I ask is that you leave a comment below telling us:

Which boots do you recommend most for other players and why?

Real player feedback is the best kind of feedback. So, by taking a few minutes to add your advice, we hope to add value for other players to take advantage of. Sound good?

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  1. I play Center attacking mid in 4-4-2 and my favorite cleat of all time is by far the T90 Laser IV. It is an essential must have if you want a well built, power oriented cleat. With the adittion of ACC it is an amazing cleat to have

  2. The predator LZs are always my recommendation because they are some of the only cleats on the market that provide great overall comfort without sacrificing weight. They also provide unique and diverse color ways, something Adidas has been spot on with lately. When I look for cleats I look for something that won't compromise my ability, and will look good with out being outrageous and the predator LZ accomplishes both.

  3. Nike Tiempo Legend IV ACC
    Getting a cleat that is durable, has a quality upper, and is comfortable is hard to find. Some cleats nowadays only last a few months. My favorite cleats Ive ever worn were the CTR360 Maestri III, but the durability only lasted me my fall season of soccer. What I loved about them was the softness of the upper, passing quality, comfortable, and the touch on the ball and lightness was unmatched by any other cleat. The cleat made me such a more confident player on all of my touches. I looked to the Tiempo as a replacement, as it had everything the CTR had plus reliability all around and durability. Plus the blue color way is a way to stand out and not be plain. It is the my favorite all around cleat I've had (with durability involved too), and I've had Adipures as well. If CTR iiis lasted awhile longer for me though, I'd stick with them forever as a DCM player in a 4-3-3

  4. I play as a left back and the puma evospeed is my choice of boots, I'm currently wearing the synthetic version of the Evospeed because I like to play with that barefoot feel on my feet, but the leather ones are not so bad as well, the formation of my team is 4-4-2 so getting up and down the pitch is vital as a left back

  5. I play Wing and CAM in a 4-2-3-1 and i suggest players to get the Vapor VIII. These have to be the best boots i've ever worn, and trust me; i've worn the F50+, The Adizeros (the first 3 gens), the V1.10s, T90 laser II and IIIs, the Predator AdiPower, and the Vapor VI, and Vapor VII. The leatherette finish on the Vapor VIIIs are supple and soft, the boot fits great across the foot, and is light without sacrificing durability. I've heard of a lot of people having their boots rip, but mine have lasted since early july, and i use mine on real grass as well as AstroTurf. Love the Vapor VIIIs.

  6. I play on the wings and up top alone, I've owned every lines of Nike and adidas since 2011 and even have worn Mizunos Puma and Pantafola… Being a winger the usual options given to me are vapors and f50s. I have narrow feet so those were usually good options, but durability issues on turf have led me to the CTRs, they were great and love my Maestri IIIs but yet I find myself always going back to buy a boot with no technology, just straight comfort, the Nike Tiempos. They ave a perfect fit for even narrow feet, great durability, amazing fit and comfort. Classy look for anyone just trying to get the most out of a boot. for 150 it is a great deal! definately the best boot on the market. stop falling for the technology Gimmicks of the LZ, CTR, or Lazers. go with the classiest most consistent boot on the market, Nike Tiempos (any model).

  7. I always recommend the Pele Trinity. It is really out of this world. The stud configuration is absolutely amazing, it makes a world of difference in how I play. I don't just feel faster I am faster. I get to the ball first and out maneuver all the defenders. It really is a revolutionary boot!

  8. CTR 360 Maetri III !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!easily the best because it has a close fitting leather-like upper that doesnt not absorb water but feels just like K-Leather.

  9. Nike Tiempo Legend IV ACC
    Quality upper, comfortable fit, good stud pattern, good durability, great touch. Simply classy, reliable and versatile. (I play as an AMF)

  10. I am all around player and have played center mid, stopper, sweeper, forward, winger, the whole thing. And I swear the greatest shoes I have ever worn are Umbro Speciali's. I currently have the R version and, although they are labeled as HG, they work fine on turf, firm ground, and even mud. The leather gets soft fairly quickly and they are the perfect balance of lightweight and protective. Plus Umbro shoes are often on sale for $50 or less on

  11. i play right mid on a 4-4-2 formation. I have a pair of adidas f10 TRX. is this good for midfielders? especially when you are very fast and have quick dribbling, and since i dont score a lot , i mostly assist by crossing the ball.

  12. I play forward in a 4-5-1 and sometimes a 4-4-2 formation. I’ve used the Vapor VIII and got painful blisters on my heel. I’ve worn the Pred LZ for a while but when my fall season came around, I found the toebox too tight causing me ingrown toenails. I currently have the Adizero F50 (the one that came before the micoach) in leather. I wear two socks to avoid blisters and help my touch. I love the leather and take great care of the boots but the leather is begining to crack at the toe where the upper meets the plastic if the soleplate. Is this a defect that i can contact Adidas about and they will replace the boot? If not, I’m planning on playing with my f50s until the leather completely separates from the soleplate, I will get new boots after the spring season. I know this isnt really what the article was asking for, but any suggestions? I prefer Adidas. Thank you much.

    • You should try the adiPure range, softer leather that offers more stretch and will probably solve your blister issue! They are tougher to find, but the adiPure III is always my recommendation in the range.

      • Thank you! Do you think that adidas would consider the leather cracking a default or general wear and tear?

        • considering how old the boot is i'd say adidas would consider this general wear and tear

          • I know its an old boot but I bought it new at the beginning of the season. I played around 15 games in them and applied the balsam a couple days before every game.

          • Yeah, I had the same issue with my leather f50's. Those shoes, while totally awesome, simply do not last that long. I switched to the adiPure III about a year ago and haven't noticed much of a difference performance-wise. I also find the adiPure line to be more comfortable in general.

          • I said adiPure III, I meant adiPure IV.

          • Weird, my first reply disappeared…Anyhow, I did have the f50's in leather as well, but I had the same issue where the leather split near the toe after a few months. I think that durability is just an issue that you will face with the super light weight boots. I switched to the adiPure IV and they have lasted easily twice as long as the f50 and I have not noticed much performance-wise.

  13. I play centre midfield and wear Umbro Speciali 3 pro for firm ground and Mizuno Morelia Pro Japan for soft ground. Both are great and very comfortable, also for training I have Puma King Finale FG and Puma King Top K (which I wore last season). All of them are great. I have quite wide feet and would have to say my favourite are the Morelia's also the quality is second to none.

  14. Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII. I play as a Winger or Striker. They are very comfortable and have an amazing touch. The traction is terrific and they are very light. I have the clash colorway which has been very durable and I know that durability has been an issue, I am sure the new vapors with ACC are even better,

  15. Just bloody wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

  16. Adidas Predator LZ!!! Im Mid Right i think its great for controling the ball and for long pases i love them.

  17. I've been wearing T90s since they first came out. They are one of the most comfortable boots out there and they offer a balance of accuracy, power and comfort. Every player has their opinion but the T90 Laser IV is one of the best boots out there and I recommend it to other players out there

  18. The most versatile cleat for almost every position except for maybe striker is the nike tiempo, It has the best touch and great feel at a perfect weight that doesn't slow you down and gives you the best surface for passing and shooting

  19. Adidas Copa Mundial is what i recommend for other players due to its simple classic and timeless comfortable design, and shows people you mean business. If your a good player than you can move on to any flashy boot, but if your not you will just embarass yourself and be labeled a clown.

  20. Many players would say that your boots dependnon your position, but I would have to completely disagree with that. Just because you are a forward doesn’t mean that you can’t wear adipures or Nike Tiempos. The boots on your feet should depend on how comfortable they feel. I purchased Adizeros last year, and have to admit because they were advertised to be extremely light, and I have to say that I am never getting them anymore because they are extremely uncomfortable and stiff. Now to answer the question, if you have a strict budget and are more into the low end boots, I would say that Tiempos are probably the best choice, because the leather is a pot more comfortable for your feet and the synthetics on say the vapor are cheap quality an will never relate break in to your foot. I have the ctr360s because they fit the best to my foot, and that is what you should base your cleat off of, not how they look or how they are advertised to improve your performance.

  21. I can play basically any position, but prefer midfield and especially the wings. My Adidas Adipower Predators ripped while i was in Ukraine, so when i got back i decided to try something new and got Pumas v1.10 K- Leather. Couldn't be more happy. Yes it is true that the sizing is weird, but the cleats are totally worth it. Leather everywhere, nice touch on the ball, the cleats are sewn 3 times in the place where the sole meets the upper in order to ensure durability. Really liking the Pumas right now. If i was to compare them to the Adipower i would say that the Pumas win because of the complete leather and the durability. Also the price on the Pumas was really nice. The calf leather on the adipower was always hard after i played in the rain, i don't have the same thing with the pumas.

  22. Nike Vapor VII! I play centre mid and striker, this is my second pair of vapors after being a strictly addidas wearer. I refuse to wear any other kind.

  23. Play forward and have tried everything from Nike and Adidas but after trying other brands it opened my eyes. I really like Puma Evospeed and V1.11s; Mizuno Wave Ignitus and Supersonic Wave, Asics Lethal Tigreor and DS Light; oh and Pele Trinity's. The reason I like all these is because they are all very comfortable and have good weight and balance. I am prone to blistering but I never got any blisters with any of these shoes (unlike some NIke and Adidas shoes). Also all these shoes are well built with quality materials and their price is very competitive and they all depend on their performance in order to sell instead of marketing like the huge companies. I really recommend that players test other brands and don't focus too much on how the boot looks as that is not what's really important but focus more on build quality, comfort and performance.

  24. The boot that always recommend to players would be a leather boot. Why? Because a leather boot will always satisfy the buyer/player. For example i dont like recommending the Mercurial atol. One, because not everyone can fit into a boot of that narrow design. Two, because the boot is synthetic so it will not mold/form/shape your foot or give you extra room, like most leather boots. Three, because leather would be more comfortable than synthetic. So if your a speedy player and cant fit into a mercurial I recommend the leather F50 adizero. If your a midfielder/defender i recommend either the CTR360 Maestri III, Tiempo Legend IV, or the AdiPure 11pro, if your looking for big name brands. If not then a Puma King or Powercat, or Umbro speciali or geometra are also good candidates, especially Umbros since their not expensive, and who wouldnt want a discontinued boot? And they are also great quality boots with awsome durability!

    • the Vapor VIII (as i note below) adapts quite well to wide feet due to its very thin synthetic. My kids are on opposite ends of the foot width spectrum and the Vapor VIII fits them both well without any discomfort however, also as noted my son normally wears his k-leather legend iv's

  25. I am a left mid in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation. I have tried t90 lasers, CTR 360, mercurial vapors and F50s. My favorite boot though must be the Adidas F50 adizero in the euro 2012 color way. I use synthetic because I’m ver fast and like to run at defenders and beat them with pace. I play kind of like Arron Lennon for Tottenham, who likes to run at defenders with pace. I’d recommend Adidas F50s in any generation to any attacking player because they are light and when you wear them you feel very confident with them on your feet. I like the synthetic version just because of the barefoot fell with great touch.The leather F50s are also a solid option.

  26. I play striker and attacking center mid and for years I got the nike mercurials but every pair without fail ripped on the part of the shoe where the upper meets the soleplate on the inside part of the foot. They are still by far my favorite shoe but I recently switched to the pele trinity 3E ‘s and and i probably will never go back. The Trinity fits like the vapors but i feel like I have a lot more control than i did with the nike’s

  27. My favorite boots at the moment are the Nike Tiempo Legend IIIs. I like the way the stud configuration both allows for quick movement and for a player to get a firm grip in the back (I imagine because of the combination of conical studs in the front and blades in the back). I also find them to be not overly heavy (though certainly not lightweight), shooting feels good and the touch is downright fantastic. They have a little stud pressure, and I rarely (if ever) wear them on turf, but all in all, they are a top class boot. The one reason I wouldn't recommend them is the fact that they are no longer being made (though some stores seem to still have a few pairs in stock), and the lack of a leather instep on the Tiempo Legend IV makes me reluctant to consider them as a fitting substitute. However, if you can find the III in your size, I think it's an all around great boot, especially good if you rotate like me among defensive positions.

    I imagine that when I need to replace them, I'll go with either the UA Hydrastrike II, Nike Maestri III or Umbro Geometra.

  28. I play centre defensive mid and i wear predator adipowers and adipure II's. I find that previous generation boots are a lot better than the current ones. Personally I reckon that the adipure II's are the best boots to be ever released, the leather and the insole are absolutely mind-blowingly amazing. I'd highly recommend them for any position.

  29. I would tell anyone, from owning a lot of boots.
    My top boots: Mizuno wave Ignitus 2, puma king's, adipure's, and Pele 50/50 suede on turf.
    I play Mid/forward, and I take all set plays. For bending free kicks, there is nothing better than kangaroo leather. I value comfort and touch over weight. I had some v1.11SL, they lasted 2 weeks before the carbon fiber cracked. My advice to anyone, real leather is better for a developing player. My next boots will be Pele 1970's or Supersonic wave 3's, I promise you if you have never used a K leather cleat' buy a pair of lotto stadio for 60$-80$ and you will never go back to plastic uppers again.

  30. adidas 11pro
    i play striker right mid and right back
    i have worn F50 2 gen mercurial Miracle W.C. tiempo preimer, puma v1.11 k, total 90 laser elites.. the 11pro is the most comfotable shoe i have worn. mix perfect of leather and syn. i perfer a leather shoe beacause of comfort and touch. Nice colorways to i have the black and infared perfect touch with infared shoe laces from my adizeros

  31. Mizuno Morelias, kwoar, they are so comfy and rather light, they fit any sized feet, are durable and hold onto your heel firmly. Best pair of boots out there, tbh mizuno do some of the best football boots around, many people just haven't heard of them as they dont advertise 'gimmicks' to sell their boots.

  32. I play forward in a 4-4-2 formation and the boots I'm using for firm ground now are the Nike CTR 360 II's. I absolutely love them thus far and have no regrets in purchasing them. The kangalite upper gives you a good feel for the ball; but is still very durable. In addition, the stud configuration is superb, no slippage what so ever. Furthermore, because they aren't paper-light they allow for a very true strike on the ball. I've had them for about a year and a half so far and they're still in good shape. Although many companies would like to assign a specific boot to a specific position, the real thing to remember is that comfort and durability trump all else. Everyone loves the gimmicks and gadgets on today's boots; but a player's ability revolves around his confidence, not swerve zones. If a certain pair of boots are comfortable to you and give you a boost of self-assurance, then there isn't much more you can ask for.

  33. I currently play CB or CDM in a 4-3-3. I used to play LW, but switched positions after I had a long injury and lost a bit of fitness last season. After trying out so many boots ( I own A LOT of boots, i'm a fan like Bryan!) the best I've worn recently are hands down the Tiempo Legend IV's and the Evospeed 1 K. Both are K-Leather, feel light, offer the best comfort, and are durable (even on turf, in my own experience). Since I've switched positions, I've had a lot more tackles and can say these offer pretty good protection. The conical soleplate offers great traction but doesn't dig too deep if you play on turf. I highly recommend them.

    P.S. 2 more great boots that I recommend are the Laser III's and Adipure IV's. Both are really comfortable/durable, and you can pick them up for cheap. Just check eBay.

  34. Mizuno Wave Ignitus.
    The comfort level of these are on a different level once broken in. The performance is also a huge upside on these pair. Much to my surprise, the vamps actually helped my performance on pitch adding to my accuracy and power to shots. Passing the ball also has been a much easier job with these pair and has been much important since I play a center attacking midfielder. They give consistent performance day-to-day and are very durable. Should be at least a backup boot in everybody's arsenal

  35. k leather cleats are the best !!!…… for me.

  36. AG sole plate
    If you play on artificial grass invest in one of the new AG sole plate models. I play primarily on AG. At my age (40+) you think a little more about knee health. I have played on AG in FG (Mundials, Maracanas), turf (Maracanas) and 11Pro AG. The new stud pattern just works the best.

    • Hi, I've played a bit on artificial turf with the Nike AG soleplate and was considering getting a pair with the Adidas AG soleplate. You mention that the adidas soleplate is better on the knees, but how does it stack up in terms of performance? Do you feel more stable when you plant your foot, or find acceleration/deceleration easier, and have you slipped much? if you could compare it to the Copas, I'd really appreciate it.

  37. I will provide 3 different perspectives for myself and both of my kids:

    myself: I have a pretty wide forefoot and a narrow to mid heel. I prefer a leather cleat but find adidas fit too long to get the appropriate width, nike is better in this regard but the tiempo legend iv takes a bit of breaking in to get the width. my cleat of choice is the puma powercat 1.12 in size 10.5. The fit is very good for my foot, provides a ton of support, is comfortable and provides great touch once the leather is nicely broken in. The 1.12 fits very wide in soccer terms so those with narrow feet need not apply.

    my son: he is a u13 and plays center back, wing back, right mid and occasionally center attacking mid when needed. His foot is similar to mine and adidas don't fit him. He predominantly wears nike with the tiempo legend iv being his current preference. He also wears a vapor viii when he's playing on the edges. If i can find a good deal on a pair of 1.12 sl's i would probably like him to try a pair.

    my daughter: is a u14 and she plays center forward. She has flip-flopped between adidas and nike cleats. she currently wears vapor viii which fits her narrow foot well enough and seem to provide a decent balance between those with wide feet and narrow feet. I have an additional pair of powercat 1.12 in a size 8 (her size) but even with the laces pulled all the way together they were still too wide in the toe box for her. She's a pacey forward so the Vapor's work well for her and she likes the stiffness of the midsole when she strikes through the ball.

  38. I play center forward in a 4-3-3 and the best cleats that i have worn were the mercurial vapor 7.Iam a pacey forward full of tricks but right now iam wearing the ctr 360 maestri 2 but i haven't been scoring as many goals as i should but i plan on buying the vapor 8s cause of the feel and fit on the shoe.

  39. I am a winger and sometimes play as a striker and I wear t90s. They are super comfortable and fit me really well. I highly recommend them to anyone playing any position.

  40. Copa Mundial plain and simple, every player has had and should have them. Simplistic design that still kicks it with the big boys of the boot world right now, going head on with the Mercurials and Adizeros. 100% leather boot with a comfy insole with minimal stud pressure is sure a hands down win. Ideal for any position really, sometimes old school is what players these days need as opposed to the craze over lightweight and thin.

  41. My favorito cleats are Nike mercurials

  42. tiempos are the only way to go…the "class" silo explains itself…class on every level….breaks in in approximately 0.000001 seconds. Feel of the ball is impeccable, durable enough to stand up to playing every day on s**t fields… just the perfect boot

    • My experience with the Tiempo III suggests a very different break in experience. I do agree that they are very good boots, but I found their break in process to be quite long and fairly painful. It may be that the break in was longer for me because I got them in my regular size instead of going half a size up, or because my foot is slightly wider.

      For what it's worth, I know smarter people than me suggest going half a size up (including Bryan), but once they broke in, I'm glad I went with my regular size.

  43. I play center forward and wear the puma powercat 1.12. They have a supple Kangaroo leather, are really comfortable, and have the 3D PST technology. Also really durable, really awesome overall!

  44. CTR360 Maestri 3… They are the most comfortable out there (in my opinion) and they are perfect for any position. Overall they are just amazing! I recommended to every soccer player out there!

  45. I would say Adizero F50 are very nice. The leather ones are much more comfortable than the synthetic style. They have a nice touch on the ball and a very powerful shot.

  46. I am involved with girls soccer (U13 for this season). To set a proper perspective, she plays elite division, the highest, other than provincials in Canada. My daughter has been wearing Adidas since U9. First couple of seasons, the Predators, leather. Worked very well, very comfortable, and gave a lot of protection while playing back in centre fullback. When she moved into a forward winger position, we switched over to the F50s, synthetic. She loves, loves, loves them. I recommend these to anyone who wants a great boot, that is not clunky. It really gives her confidence and most importantly a great feel of the ball. A number of her friends have switched over as well based on my recommendation and not one complaint.

  47. best cleats ive ever worn are still the predator powerswerves, but for more recent boots my favorites would have to be the ctr360 maestri II elites. They are moderately light, comfortable, and provide an excellrnt touch while still offering protection. Perfect for midfield, but great for defenders and forwards as well.

  48. I play Center attacking mid 4-4-1-1, and one of the best cleats ive ever worn were the F50 Adizeros, i tried T90s & Vapors but i did not feel like it was the right shoe for me, until i tried the F50s (leather) & they are just so comfortable light and just an amazing shoe overall, but these new ones that just came out really dissapointed me, i didnt like the design. So i switched to the Nike GS2 that i got for my birthday, gotta say those boots are really hard to break in, and im so used to leather that i kinda have mixed feelings about it. If adidas comes out with better colorways of theyre new F50s i might buy some but for now im sticking with the GS2.

  49. The Adidas Copa Mundial. The one description that everyone should know about it is : German engineered 100% Kangaroo leather. This boot dates back to the beginning of soccer and is the oldest boot still on the market that has not been changed or altered through its entire existence. This boot is beautifully crafted and amazingly comfortable and comes at a low retail price! This is my boot.

  50. I play left/right winger and my favorite cleat is by far the predator LZ.
    Im a speed player who loves to dribble and cut inside and shoot on goal.
    I ve been a adizero player for a long time due the light weight,but got here and there a few injurys due to the thin material on the adizeros.

    I never wanted to switch cleats because I didnt want to sacrifice my acceleration or anything else,that was untill our material man handed me a predator lz on the training told me to give it a try.
    ever since the first try Ive fell in love with it,I didnt notice any difference on the field with acceleration and top speed running,what I did notice was the extra comfort and to be honest the shooting have been a bit more powerfull aswell,also its easier to add swerve to the ball.

    So hands down for the predator lz

  51. After exclusively being an Adidas wearer for the past 20 years and playing in the Adizero IIs the last year (but tired of dealing with the blisters they gave me) I decided to give the Puma EVOSPEED 1K's a try. And man I'm glad I did. Best pair of soccer shoes I've ever owned! Love the the touch the K leather provides and the way it molded to my foot perfectly. Also love how the flexible the soleplate is, which I think truly sets it apart from other shoes. It truly the first soccer shoe I've ever worn that gives me a "barefoot" feel. I only wish Puma would come out with an AG soleplate for these babies!
    Also although not a shoe I tried out TruSox socks and will never ever wear any other soccer sock ever again. They truly "lock in" your foot in the shoes and prevent any slippage of anykind. Before, late in matches once my socks became saturated with sweat my feet would slide around resulting in blisters and (I think) hinder my performence when making sudden stops and starts. No longer with TruSox!!

  52. Adipure 11Pro SL, best all-round boot in my opinion. And I've had Mercurials, F50, T90, and Predators in the last few years. Then I would probably suggest F50.

  53. the best boot i've ever to wore to a match is the f50 series. been wearing them since the first release in 2004, and it suits my role perfectly as a left winger and also wing back. its getting even lighter and better each time especially in the uppersole area. the synthethic leather is very helpful in controllingthe ball. but, the boots definitely needs a suitable socks to be worn with.

  54. I play as a CB for Barcelona and the players in u16 get customized cleats that fit their feet perfectly. I've got Vapor VIII, Adidas LZ and CTR360 III and they feel amazing. Really recommend that you go to Nike or Adidas and ask them if they can do this for you.

  55. Puma King Finale SL, light. K-leather, snug fit , bare foot feel .Simple with no plastic best boot for any position. Not a fan of the hard plastic heel counters on the Evo speeds, F-50's. Havent tried the tiempos but look like a great boot.

  56. I've played left wing in a 3-6-1 (Brazillian Box midfield, also called 3-2-4-1), left and right wing in a 4-4-2, and left wing (central left mid), right wing (central right mid) and right back in a version of a 4-3-3. Right now I'm currently wearing a pair of Puma Powercat 1.12, and they are amazingly comfortable and shooting in them is cool. However they are quite roomy, so with comfort comes a more distant feel of the ball. It doesn't stick to my feet as tightly, and that's the only thing I miss from it, but people are different, some will prefer that. However, my all time favorite boot so far has to have been the adidas adiPower Predator. But that's keeping in mind I haven't tried the more recent releases for long periods of time. But the only downside with this boot is the durability in my opinion, otherwise they are great!

  57. hi i'm a mid fielder and i don't know what boot is perfect for me

  58. Adidas Predator for me particularly Predator Adipower. It is an all-rounder boot which suits almost any player in any position. I have used F5 and F10, downgraded version of F50 and I’m pretty happy with those.

  59. I play defensive mid/target man (striker) somewhat like alan shearer, and asics lethal sniper really mold my feet well, since they have different sizing based on wide foot (i have super wide foot, 3E in scale) and they just feel amazing, liteweight, leather upper on forefoot, hg10mm (trust me it really works) , special studs, i couldn't ask anymore of it

  60. Adidas Copa Mundial is what I would recommend for any young player learning his craft. I'd also recommend them for the older player just wanting to have some fun on the weekends. Super comfortable, very durable and offer an amazing on the ball touch.

    But the best football boot I have ever worn or used is the Nike Tiempo Lgend IV Elite. Super expensive but the best football boots I have every worn. Comfortable, super reactive sole plate, excellent grip and manoeuvrability and awesome touch.

    What ever boots you decide to buy I cant stress enough to go for a kangaroo leather. It will offer you the best comfort and on the ball touch. You'll enjoy the game a lot more.

    The only real reason synthetics are used is because they're cheaper to make. That is it. So they use synthetics and pump the boots full of BS technology that really never improves your game just takes away from the touch of the ball. Look at the best "play makers" not strikers, but "play makers", 9 times out of 10 they wear kangaroo leather football boots.

    If you ever try a full kangaroo leather boot you will never go back to synthetics again, unless you're being paid big dollars to wear a synthetic boot.

  61. nike T90s

    Im only 12 years old but ive played soccer pretty much all of my life and the best cleats are the nike T90s. I've had these cleats fro almost 3 years now and they are still in very good condition. They make me strike the ball better and have better ball control. I recently got the adidas predators and the nike ones are way better. I havent had the adidas ones for a year yet and they already have broken at the bottom. I can run better in the nike ones.

  62. a pair of $20 dollar pumas from the clearance rack at Dick's. the price, brand, and release date don't matter. it's how one plays the game. the best all around soccer player in my conference where's a pair of 40 dollar Nikes. and they weren't on sale either. that was the actual price. I put some quality insoles in mine so my feet aren't broken down so much by sections.

  63. play with whatever u feel most comfortable in. If paying for the shoe from your own earnings, durability is the second most important factor. Weight, technology, color etc. won't really change your overall technique and athleticism on the field. I play/ have played in whichever position coach thinks is needed for the team that particular day. Usually leather cleats are more comfortable and durable as long as u maintain them well.

    • i have played soccer at various competitive and recreational levels for last 23 years. My preferred boot with regards to comfort, durability , price and accessibility is the copa mundial.

  64. I have worn so many boots and found so many i like but he ones that were best for me were the CTR360 Gen 1&2. The durability is a question but mine lasted well and kept their comfort. They took a while to break in but once you get that done they are great boots. The touch is perfect as i play a defensive winger and the weight was good as well. I love the synthetics durability and it had a little better grip than leather in wet conditions. I even played a season of rugby in them and they held up fine. Now i have had to retire them and went with the Asics lethal stats. I did this because they have a mostly synthetic upper with the Rhino skin but the toe box is leather. and the heal gradient in the sole plate took about an hour to get used to but after that it felt great. This has been a comfortable boot right out of the box and i would recommend them to anyone and the touch is great as well. For me comfort is the key over anything because no matter what if ur sore and worn out the touch and strike of the boot is going to be more affected by you than the boot itself. However i do not know the durability of the Asics as i have only had them about a half year but so far no problems with wear.

  65. Although I played football in high school instead of soccer, I have always had a passion for soccer and am now a member of a rec league. As a 6 ft 4 bigger player I play mostly centerback or targetman upfront, depending on the needs of the day. From my soccer boot experience (which to be fair is not that much) I would say the Nike Tiempo is a fantastic all-rounder amongst all positions. I have the IV Mystic and it still oozes quality even though it isnt the top of the line Tiempo. The touch is great and the leather just feels soft and really well made. The supple leather is reserved for the top 1/3rd of the boot since most of the passes and shots you will make will be from there whilst the mid section is a harder more synthetic leather that protects your foot. I wear size 13s and the comfort is great. Whilst there are definitely lighter boots it still is quite light as well. I love them in my Bolt colorway. Look so good with the sun out.

  66. oladeinde omotola

    what boot is best for a smf and amf

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