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Current Top Five Lightest Take-Downs

Lightweight Boots

Currently, lightweight boots are where its at in the boot world. We are seeing heavy competition between companies trying to dominate the speed category of boots, Mercurial, evoSPEED, adiZero and Trinity to name a few. But what about lightweight take downs? Who holds the title of top economic lightweight?

Lets take a look at the Top Five Lightest Take-Downs currently available on the market!

Puma Momentta

#5: Puma Momentta – 8.4 oz

What sets this boot apart from the rest on the list is that it is actually the lowest tier in its silo, which means it is also the least expensive lightweight listed. 8.4 ounces doesn’t exactly put it in the feather weight division of lightweights, but it is still pretty light for a $74.99 boot. It has a leather upper too, which makes a for a pretty sweet boot. Having reviewed the Puma Liga Finale i I have a feeling that this boot will be well worth investing in as a back-up boot.

Nike Veloce

#4: Nike Mercurial Veloce – 7.8 oz

The Miracle III weighed in at 8.2 oz, which was pretty respectable. But with the release of the Vapor IX, they have found a way to trim it down even further. They have given it a similar upper to the IX, so you get the control in addition to a boot that comes in at a pretty decent weight. However, it has a $109.99 price tag which makes it one of the more expensive mid-tiers on the market. If it equals or surpasses the quality of it’s Miracle predecessor then it is well worth the cost!

Pirma Supreme III

#3: Pirma Supreme III – 7.6 oz

This is the lightest boot in its price range. It may not be a take down since it is the only boot in it the Pirma silo but it is still an economic option at $69.99. In Bryan’s review he concluded that they were a value for money option.

They might not have a lot of technology or high-end performance benefits, but for their price I’m sure players will enjoy a durable and long lasting life from a pair.

  Spine Blur

#2: Under Armour Spine Blur – 7.4 oz

Under Armour has released a pretty impressive upgrade in the Blur series with the Spine Blur Carbon, which weighs in at a decent 6.25oz. With this latest release they came out with a pretty decent looking take down in the form of the Spine Blur. The upper is a textured microfiber with a “wing” on the outside of the boot for added support and to help eliminate foot roll. I’m very interested in finding our how these boots perform! They cost $99.99, which seems to be a pretty fair price.

Pele Galileo Snow White (b)

#1: Pele Sports Galileo  – 7.3 oz

The Pele Galileo is still the lightest mid-tier boot available on the market since their initial release! Pele sports has made sure to make a durable yet still advanced take down of the high tech Trinity 3E. We still see the same revolutionary stud configuration that we see on the Trinity coupled with a unique microfiber upper called Renaissance and a Ripstop lining. Cost wise they come in at $109.99 putting it at the same cost as the Nike Veloce but still .5 ounces lighter.

Which of these lightweights do you consider the most impressive?

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  1. Hey Jim, enjoyed readin your article! I know you have your own blog, but i hope you'll continue to post some more stuff on the sc101 main site!

    As for the mid-tier boots, i think the most impressive have to be the pele sports galileo and the nike mercurial veloce. Reason being that they seem the coolest (esp. the Mercs) and they seem to most closely resemble the top tiers in appearance and performance tech.

    Hope to see more stuff, keep up the good work! cheers

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