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Top Boot Choices For Under $80

Under $80 Options

This post is designed for those of you who are ever looking for a back-up boot or are simply restricted by a budget. Sometimes it is best to get a boot on sale, especially if you are looking for a top or mid-tier boot. However if you are in an emergency situation or want something up to date, the low tiers should be brought into consideration.

Here are the top five boots for under $80 retail price!


#5. Durability/Comfort – Adidas F10

Original retail: $71.99

The F10 has to be the most durable boots on the market. I got three pairs of these in my time playing (F10i) and they are all very well built because they have stuck with the same material up to the current incarnation. A pair can last two or more seasons. They also get great marks as far as comfort goes as well, they are good to go into a game straight out of the box, which is always a plus. They do suffer a bit as far as touch goes but that is something that comes with lower end boots.

PowerCat 3.12

#4. Quality/Leather and Synthetic – Puma Powercat 3.12

Original Retail: $71.99

The Puma Powercat 3.12 comes in synthetic and leather options. The boot comes in at an impressive 8.4 oz for the synthetic version and 8.6 oz for the leather version. Both options sport a toned down power element. Like most Puma take downs, I have found that they are well worth the money. The lateral side of the boot features a microfiber insert that improves support, reduces weight and increases durability. This all makes for a very well balanced boot.

Blur Flash

#3.  Stud Tech/Light Weight – Under Armour Blur Flash

Original Retail: $65.99

If you want to get a take down off the beat path this is the right boot. Weighing in at just 8.2 oz this boot is a bit of a curiosity piece. Unlike a lot of lower tier synthetics the upper is a one piece construction. It also sports the advanced stud configuration that the current Blur silo has developed that is designed for stability and constant change in direction. Something else that it offers is the comfort that Under Armour is well known for. Let me say this again… 8.2 oz.


#2. Leather/ Comfort – Adidas 11Nova

Original Retail: $78.99

Though the top tier 11pro might not have impressed, the take downs are as reliable as usual. After a short break-in period the upper softens up nicely and the boot proves to be quite reliable. It doesn’t quite compare to the adiNova II but the wrap around tongue design was only used on the Predator X after the Adipure III came out. However, it still delivers a comfortable fit and a decent leather upper.


#1. Performance/ Quality – Nike Libretto III

Original Retail: $65.99

I have to say the synthetic leather used in the upper of the Libretto III puts the rest of the low tier synthetics to shame. It flexes naturally with the foot and  gives excellent touch for a low tier. The pass pads still have some bulk to them so you still get some benefit from them when receiving and dishing out passes. Nike have produced quite the take down with the Libretto III. Be careful not to walk on pavement while wearing them because the studs wear out pretty quickly.

That is the list – are there any other boots you would like to see added?

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  1. Adidas Predator Absolado?

    • I only wanted to include one boot from each company on the list and the f10 edged out the current absolado. However if I had done this article with the past Predator being the recent release then it would have edged out the f10. I have two pairs of the absolado, just take a look at my profile picture. Not so fond of the lz version.

  2. You can get the Lotto Stadio Primato on sale for $39. Not advertising or spamming, but it's a great back up boot, and I personally only use leather cleats.

  3. Agreed with the F10. I have both F5 and F10. I have to say F10 is really sturdy and considerably light with improved my gameplay. F5 is a nice option too but seriously lack in durability that F10 has.

  4. were are the mercurial vapors

    • They cost well over $100 so didn't make the list. Since I have no experience with the latest Victory I couldn't put it on the list either.

  5. Could you do a review for the Nike Mercurial Victory IV? The ones that just came out along with the Vapor IX. I'm getting new boots soon and can pick between the Victorys or the Librettos.

  6. I would love to at some point.

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