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Umbro Geometra II Pro Released

Geometra Pro II Colorways

Umbro are back on the market after their relationship with Nike finally ended in a blaze of emotions. Welcoming in the all new Umbro Geometra II Pro, a follow-up release that has some big boots to fill after the success of the initial Geometra. No pressure! We haven’t been treated to the full details of the boot just yet, but here is what we know about them thus far.

Where did the design come from?

To be honest, we don’t know a great deal about this release and where the entire design has come from. In theory, it should be a boot with a large input from Nike since it probably took a year to develop the boots. But, there is also a case for the fact that Umbro might have been left to develop it themselves in the wake of Nike’s position. Certain details on the boot, like the stitching across the forefoot, leads me to believe this is still Nike inspired (as seen on the CTR360 Maestri III) but then there is a definite change in shape through the ankle.

Umbro Geometra Pro II

A Control Boot

What we do know is that there is an extremely similar premise behind this release. Again Umbro stick with a K-Leather upper and the ideals of a “control” boot. These are fully loaded to allow players to keep the ball at your feet. On the medial side of the boot, we are again treated to “Dampening Control Pods”. When testing the Geometra, I stated that this was one of my favorite pieces of technology ever placed on a boot. I’m curious to see if this has been altered in any way and if they are still designed to help you control the ball over long distances, both taking it in and while playing passes.

Then there is the addition of a new grip coating across the upper. By increasing friction between the boot and the ball, you get a closer touch. I’m not sure how this coating feels just yet, but I imagine it will have the same type of sandpaper type feel found on the initial Geometra. Either way, it is sure to be a big talking point in terms of performance.

Debut Colorways

Both release colorways have a very clean and crisp look, with nothing too dramatic about either. My personal taste goes toward the White/Royal Blue rather than the more upbeat Sulpher Spring. I actually think Umbro has done a good job with the latter – it is not easy to get a shade of “Sulpher Spring” right (reminds me of the awful egg smell you get from a hot spring) but I think they have pulled it off.

Find Both Colorways >>

What do you guys think of the updated version and is this an “Umbro” boot?

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  1. They look ok, but i was hoping for more models and innovation when nike took over

  2. where can i buy em???????????

  3. Can we expect a review?

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