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Has Fernando Torres Switch to Predator LZ Benefited Him?

Torres in Predator LZ

Over the past few weeks, we have seen Chelsea striker Fernando Torres wearing the Adidas Predator LZ. There was a time when a change-up by Torres would be front-center news with everyone talking about it. But because of his sporadic form since moving to the Blues, his decision to switch out of the Nike T90 Laser IV has only been mentioned in small corners.

But has it benefited his game since making the switch? So far, he has worn them vs Man City, Sparta Prague (x2) and Wigan without scoring, so the initial reaction would be to say that it hasn’t made a difference.

We all know that it is a players ability and technique that define your level of play, but having the right footwear can make a huge difference. In Torres case, I think the move comes at an extremely important time in his career and it can only play a role in improving his performances – even if just psychologically. Plus the transition from a Power specific boot to a more all-rounded Control hybrid might allow him to concentrate more on his entire performance rather than just scoring goals. So, I say lets wait a few more games before we make a final assessment on the situation. On a side note, it seems like Juan Mata has also made the switch to wearing the same Predator LZ colorway.

Torres is currently wearing the new Vivid Yellow/Vivid Pink colorway, which you can currently order from

What do you guys think of Torres decision to switch from the T90’s to the Predator range?

Torres Wears Adidas Predator LZ


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  1. Maybe he is trying to change his poor scoring run with this boot. I agree with article above.

  2. Perhaps Nike dropped him because they were concerned that he was giving the Laser a bad image. A boot designed to help with shooting and he can't hit the side of a barn lol.

  3. Torres wore the t90 bc he liked the bulkiness of it so that if he was stepped on he would not get injured! ex. t90 laser iii. since they took off alot of the elements from the laser iii he switeched to the pred lz's which has lots of rubber elements for protection.

    • Really, the LZ's rubber zones dont offer that much protection, they are rather slim. The shot shield on the T90 totally has more protection, thus the heavier weight.

  4. Money money money money…. MOOOONAAYYY

  5. Maybe he change to adidas predator because he was using nike in chelsea and chelsea is adidas and his selection spain is adidas to andhe was tired of nike and he change it.

    • When he played for Liverpool their kit was Adidas and so was Spain's and he was playing regularly for both… when he was successful he had no reason to change from Nike… I think this change is more to do with a decision made by Nike rather than Torres, and if it is indeed by Torres then it's certainly not to be "matching"

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