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Craig Bellamy Wears Custom-Made Warrior Skreamer

Warrior Skreamer Bellamy

Craig Bellamy, Warrior’s first ambassador, is the latest high profile player to sport his own personalized pair of Warrior Skreamers S-Lite. The boots were made specifically for Bellamy, with his input throughout the design process.

Bellamy’s bespoke Skreamer boots are predominantly white with splashes of red and green to give them a distinct Welsh look and feel. Paying tribute to Bellamy’s Celtic roots, a Welsh dragon sits on the lateral side of the boot, while a distinct Triquetra symbol is imprinted on the medial side.

Lines from the Welsh national anthem have been etched in gold across both soles. Inscribed on the right boot reads, ‘Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi’ (the ancient land of my fathers is dear to me), while ‘Ei gwrol ryfelwyr, gwladgarwyr tra mâd’ (her brave warriors, patriot much blessed) is written on the left. Bellamy says the boots showcase his pride and passion for Wales. Over the past few weeks, we have seen him wearing them for both club and country.

Warrior Bellamy Boots

Wales Warrior Skreamer

Personalized Bellamy Boots

I had the opportunity to test the Warrior Skreamer S-Lite and it was a pretty positive experience. This is a boot that is designed to mimic its name – the “Skreamer”. They are designed as a Power boot yet they fall into the Lightweight category at 7.4oz.

Without missing a beat, this boot is the perfect option for defensive players who have been craving a lightweight boot. The upper is well built and constructed, so rest assured that your feet are going to be as well protected as they can be in a lightweight boot and you get the extra bonus of being able to spray long-balls right around the field. In saying that, they also make for an ideal option for attacking mids – think of Marouanne Fellaini as a good example.

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Bellamy in Skreamer

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  1. They should retail these, they are by far the best custom pair of boots by any company I have ever seen. (sorry all you CR7 groupies) also, have you seen the new “Captain America” colorway of these? They are up on WGS. I like Warrior more and more, I just wish someone would do conical studs again, the ground in the south is way to hard for bladed studs, and turfs are always poor quality takedowns.

    • puma evospeed has conical studs. in my Opinion it is the best Soleplate they are nice for hardground to because the insole is Very padded eliminating stud pressure

  2. This is one of the best colorways of any boot on the market. I agree with Bob, these should be retailed or Warrior should at least consider using slightly simpler patterns and designs in their boots. Wouldn't catch me dead in the light blue, orange synthetic colorway or even the more muted black leather version. Both are slightly too outlandish for my taste but I think by including more simplistic colorways like this in their boot line, they could really cement their place in the market. I'd wear these in a heartbeat. Very stylish with a good mix of class and character. They still manage to look like Warrior signature boots but have an air of sophistication about them that the other colorways don't give off. Definitely like the white laces in the last frame moreso than the red laces in the display shots.

  3. these need to be retailed. The normal warrior skreamers are ugly but these are actually tastefully done!

  4. Dang great color and creativity This is by far the best customized shoes I have ever say in my life
    Warrior is soon going to break through to become the top seller
    Do they sell these or only specifically for him??

  5. Where can you buy his white warrior boot from or when will they be on sale

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