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RyaL 1946 Perla - Edizione Limitata - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

RyaL 1946 Perla – Edizione Limitata

Perla Ryal 1946 Limited Edition

For those who liked the classic nature of the Ryal 1946 Classic but needed something with a little more spice, check out the Ryal 1946 Perla!

This is the type of boot that is designed to evoke memories of days gone when real footballers stuck with classic looks and real leather uppers. We all know that companies are drifting away from producing this type of release, so the fact that there is a small company in Europe keeping a more traditional boot alive is refreshing. Weighing in at 11oz and featuring a layer of double stitching right across the boot, these are designed with durability and comfort in mind.

Handmade football boot with a upper of pearl K-leather, fully lined with Cambrelle®, PU-sole with fixed studs. 100% made in Italy.

New Perla Ryal 1946

Ryal 1946 Perla Detailing

Ryal 1946 Tongue

Ryal use plenty of stitching right through the upper of these boots and surprisingly, it gives them a huge advantage. Normally you will find that companies use a single stitch line to separate regions. But Ryal go a step further, by using double stitching to produce individual padded segments. This acts to provide a distinctly different type of feel on the ball. One noticeable area in particular is the instep, where you get a highly padded control zone.

For those of you interested in picking up a pair from Europe, this is what I can tell you about fit. I normally wear a size 9US, which generally works out to be an 8UK. But with these, the listing inside says the 9US is an 8.5UK yet they fit very much true to size. I’m always left slightly confused by the conversions, but it safe to tell players that ordering their normal size is the way to go.

You can pick up a pair of 1946 Perla from for €144.00.

Ryal 1946 Perla

Ryal 1946 Perla

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