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Ryal Classico Turf Review

Ryal Classico Turf

Ryal are a company with great tradition and standard for releasing top quality boots. Having previously tested the Europa and Italia, I’ve been hugely impressed by the quality and performance on offer.

A few weeks back, Ryal sent over a pair of Classico Turf shoes for review and these are Ryals first attempt at making Turf shoes, so I’m very interested to see just what they have to offer.

First Impressions

Ryal really have a very cool and old school box that their boots arrive and this sets the tone for the heritage boots inside, the Ryal Classico Turf shoes have a very old school look to them with some subtle detailing that really make these stand out. The appearance and feel is quite similar to the Adidas Team Mundial turf boots and this is by no means a bad thing.

The leather used is a premium calf leather along with suede reinforcements and right out the box I wasn’t hugely impressed with the leather (Not as impressed as I was with the Europa or Italia) but with that said I was holding them to the highest standard kangaroo leather.

To sum up this section I was generally impressed with the build quality look and feel although a little heavy but I’ve found this to be the case with all turf shoes.

Ryal Classico Turf Review

Ryal Classico Turf Leather Upper

Fit, Comfort and Break In

The fit of the Ryal Classico Turf is true to size, due to the suede reinforcement at the front they feel slightly snug to start with but this eases off after an hour of use. In terms of width, I found these are an excellent option if you have wide feet and are very accommodating.

Breaking these in was very pleasant with no discomfort, the leather although not too impressive at first feel really softens up to offer a very comfortable feel and fit.

The overall comfort is outstanding, the high quality leather along with great build quality and high quality materials makes these super comfortable….. You may notice I regularly used the word quality and that pretty much sums these up.

Touch and Striking

Ryal boots have consistently offerer an excellent touch on the ball and the Classico also delivers in this department although they can feel a little bulky at times and this took me a little while to get used to. The calf leather softens up nicely and along with the suede you get a very soft touch on the ball.

Striking the ball was as you would expect from a leather boot, as they use the turf sole plate you can get under the ball nicely as I find when wearing FG boots on Artificial Grass or turf my starting position is a little high where I feel nice and low to the ground which enabled a nice clean strike.

Ryal Logo on the Classico Turf

Ryal Classico Lacing

Ryal Classico TF Shoe


The Ryal Classico Turf uses a rubber sole with lots of short rubber moulded studs, the traction is absolutely ideal for the older based Astro Turf pitches (sand or water based) and offer the best traction available on that surface, they also perform well on the newer Ag pitches (with lots of rubber pellets) although I personally prefer AG specific soleplates for that surface the Classico still performed very well.

Durability and Maintenance

Ryal without a shadow of a doubt build some of the sturdiest and well built football products on the market and the Classico Turf may just be the sturdiest of the lot, these are like a tank!

Maintenance is fairly easy as you will only be wearing them on turf there isn’t going to be a lot of mud to clean but as with any natural product like leather and suede there will be some regular maintenance to enhance the longevity of these.

Ryal Classico Turf Profile

Would I Buy Them?

Most of the Turf surfaces in my area have been upgraded to the newer 3g surface and I prefer an AG soleplate on them but there are still some of the older surfaces around and these are absolutely ideal for that surface. You can also wear these indoor if you wanted plus they still perform well on 3G so the answer is a definite YES!

Playing football on turf is demanding on the shoes especially the sand based ones and these really are put together well and also a top performer so if you are on the lookout for some Turf shoes head over to Ryal’s website as these will not disappoint.

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  1. Hey Kevin, great review. As I have been doing extensive research on the leathers used for different products for my college paper, I can shed some light on why Ryal probably chose the calf leather over kangaroo. I am also a pre-med student so I understand the biological side of it as well. Every animal skin has a epithelial (skin) tissue that is structured differently. This includes us humans. Generally kangaroo leather has a more symmetrical tissue pattern that makes it stronger than calf leather (contrary to popular belief), and for this reason, K-leather shoes are usually thinner and more supple from right out of the box. Calf leather's tissue structure is more diverse and not symmetrical by any means. For this reason calf leathers are generally a little bit thicker than k-leather uppers. Now lets say Ryal made this boot out of k-leather, because of the symmetrical pattern of the tissue, abrasion is a big issue. If you brake the almost perfect bonds of k-leather this makes it terrible for abrasion resistance. Calf leather on the other hand, because of the less perfect structure has no real symmetry to ruin. So in most cases as long as you take care of k-leather it will outlast calf leather (thus the success of the Copas where we have seen pairs last 5 years and longer). But most companies will opt for calf leather when it comes to boots made for older turf. There are some exceptions to this rule as I stated, but that is probably the reason why Ryal opted for calf leather over k-leather for this release. Simple rule of thumb is that k-leather is more durable for most cases while calf skin is highly abrasion resistant.

  2. Hey just wondering, what is highest recommended turf shoe on the market right now? Ideally for a more attacking midfielder who can play out wide?

  3. Hey, thanks for the insights. These look like a great turf shoe. I checked out the website but couldn't find where to buy those shoes in particular… I did see the outdoor cleats. Am I missing them? If so, could you direct me to them?

    Thanks again!

  4. Ryal's website only lists the classico's in cleats and I cannot find the turf shoes on their website. I really would like to get these, any help as to finding the place to do it?

  5. Hi, thanks for the review. I've actually been considering getting some Ryals Europas but often find it hard finding turf trainers that fit me due to my Roman/Peasant footshape so knowing about some proper high quality leather turf trainers like these is good….. one question… the Ryal size chart confuses me because they don't line up UK sizes properly with US sizes so when you say "true to size" I don't know what you mean. If I'm an 8UK what would you recommend getting in Ryal (for both these and the Europas)? 42 or 42.5? many thanks, Jordan.

  6. Just curious on the top turf shoes you'd recommend for a wide foot? Thanks.

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