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Sol Republic Master Tracks Headphones

Sol Republic Master Tracks Headphones

When I was playing at college and the professional level, there was one thing I always had on game day- my iPod. Whether it was simply the morning of the game at my apartment or a long bus trip, you could be sure that I was tuned into my music and mentally preparing for the 90 minutes on hand. I’m pretty positive that most soccer players take the same approach. But during that time, the most expensive pair of headphones I had were worth about $50.

Last week, in the door arrived a pair of Sol Republic Master Track Headphones – a $200 premium, legit pair of headphones! Even though I don’t play at the pro level anymore, I still like to rock out to my tunes and having a pair of headphones to test out in the process is pretty exciting!

I’m going to cheat substantially on this review as I think the content Sol Republic has posted about the headphones is going to outdo anything I can say about them (and be substantially more relevant!)

Master Tracks are the first interchangeable over-ear headphones to deliver incredible sound, design, and performance.

A New Sound Experience
Whether you listen to EDM, country or hip-hop, Master Tracks are engineered to deliver true sound you can feel. Our newly developed X3 Sound Engines deliver an immersive music experience balanced with powerful bass, clear highs and vocal accuracy.

Listen In Comfort & Isolation
Weighing only 243 grams, our lightweight construction is designed for enjoying music in comfort for hours. Articulating SonicSoft™ Speaker cushions provide the perfect fit for optimized noise isolation.

Virtually Indestructible
Constructed of an advanced polymer compound, our FlexTech™ Sound Track headband is built to withstand heavy abuse. Twist it, bend it, drop it – it’s not going to break on you.

Personal Style
The world’s first interchangeable headphones, you can swap out our cables and Sound Track headbands to quickly personalize your look.

Mic + Music Control
Control your calls and your music with the touch of a button. Our three-button remote lets you adjust the volume, skip music tracks and answer/hang-up calls. The high clarity mic captures every word possible.

Sol Republic Master Tracks Headphones (b)

Sol Republic Master Tracks Headphones (c)

Sol - Master Tracks

Headphones from Sol Republic

My Opinion on Them

Honestly, these things are awesome and the sound quality makes music even better to listen to than I ever imagined. In fact, I ended up posting a status update on Twitter last week that I don’t think I would have ever posted if it hadn’t been for the headphones – they allow you to really zone in on the music. I love the added padding on the ears and on top of my head. it is extremely soft, cushioned and it after wearing them for extended periods, you don’t feel like you have anything on.

How do they compare to other $200 headphones? I have absolutely no idea as I have never worn headphones in this price range before. One benefit is the fact I can work on my laptop, turn the music volume up and leave the headphones on the table and it sounds like I have legit speakers in the room.

Worth the Money?

I don’t ever see myself paying $200 for a pair of headphones (available from Sol Republic). In saying that, I do realize there are players out there with a far greater love and understanding of music than I do who want the best of the best quality to listen to their music. I reassure you that my limited experience the quality you get from these seems like it would be worth the money. I actually emailed my father-in-law about them tonight (he is a music rep) and his response was “Yes, some people think headphones are all the same,… they’re not! Some are way better than others.”

Side Note: When I am listening to Babel (Mumford & Sons) these headphones are absolutely worth the money!

Your Thoughts

I want to hear what you guys have to think and if you have experience with high-end headphones. Maybe I am way off and you have better info on other headphones  – if you do, leave your comments below!

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  1. I’ve got a pair of Beats Executive headphones and they are absolutely amazing. I spent 300 euros on them though, which was the only downside. But in my eyes, I spent my money wisely, they sound incredible and really fit my style of music. I feel like I over payed a little bit though.
    But they sound great with pretty much every kind of music, and I listen to pretty much everything! But the best (and considering they’re Beats by Dre so doesn’t surprise me) is hip hop and rap. The bass is amazing, as well as the highs and those mid beats.
    I’m in my own little world with them on my head, and they’re super comfortable too!

  2. Well, I was wondering lately, but now I am convinced this is no longer a review site but an advertising one…

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