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Nike Mercurial Vapor IX – Neptune Blue/Volt/Pink Flash

Neptune Blue Vapor IX

It is now funny to imagine that on release, the Nike Vapor IX got such a mixed reaction yet they have easily integrated onto pitches right around the country. Imagine that we actually questioned that unmistakable dimpled look!

This latest colorway is extremely bold and fits the mold of a Spring release. You really need to be a fan of standout colorways to take this one in. In saying that, I think every Vapor IX release to date has held a pretty extreme set of colors. It all kicks off with the Neptune Blue upper, which matches the speed demon nature of the boots. Then there is the prominent Volt Pink hit, highlighting the large Nike logo on the side of the boots as seen in the image below.

The final aspect of these boots that really stands out is the very prominent White soleplate. It feels like it has been a while since we’ve been treated to a nice, clean soleplate. It is actually really fresh and the Volt Yellow detailed studs add an extra bit of pop on the heel.

This colorway is available to order from right now.

Nike Vapor IX Neptune Blue Details

Nike Vapor IX – Tested

Yes, I have already had the chance to test the new Vapor IX and it proved to be very positive. Nike take a new approach to the Vapor range by redesigning the upper and materials used, with a speed-controlled, dimple textured upper offering a pretty unique visual effect. Take some time and make sure to check out our full Nike Vapor IX review.

Speed Control Texture Upper

Engineered with a completely new type of Synthetic upper that is designed to be soft and provide players with a high level of grip on the ball. We have all been wondering what the dimples are all about and it is definitely the most significant part of the boot visually. Nike are calling it a Speed Control texture that is designed to enhance friction and control on the ball without minimizing soft touch. An anatomical last sculpted to the natural shape of the foot should provide a wider variety of players with a comfortable fit.

ACC Technology

We are starting to become familiar with this one on all Nike releases. Nike’s innovative All Conditions Control (ACC) technology further aids performance and ensures a consistent touch whether playing in wet or dry weather.

Vapor IX Neptune Blue

What about the Soleplate?

A lightweight soleplate features two separate pieces of glass fiber, designed to for increased flexibility and responsiveness in the heat of the game. Again Nike has stuck with a 2 blade heel design, which allows for quick surface release and faster acceleration. This same configuration was used on the Nike Vapor VIII. I’m liking the simple white style used on this colorway.

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  1. Personally Brian I really like the colorway. It is not something I expected at all

  2. I love the blue but the pink is AWFUL.

  3. when do they come out in stores

  4. I just got a pair of these boots last week and then I noticed that the mud is penetrating through the perferation(holes in the insole) it’s so hard clean do have any suggestion on cleaning it thanks

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