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If Ray Hudson Reviewed Boots – Cristiano Ronaldo Vapor IX Edition

Ray Hudson Reviews Boots

We are back with another edition of our “If Ray Hudson Reviewed Boots” series, this time the focus is on one Cristiano Ronaldo and his personalized Nike Vapor IX. Is there a more entertaining commentator than Ray Hudson anywhere out there? When it comes to off the cuff punditry, I think  not.

So, here we give you our own spin on his commentary in the form of boots. Enjoy!

The colors used in these boots actually cover the spectrum of light, while wearing them Ronaldo is going disco in a big way. And I mean a big way. This is Barry White meets the Blues Brothers. And I say let the music play.

These boots are as cool as ice, and Ronaldo pours lovely Johnny Walker over the icy laces before unleashing the most romantic flash of inspiration in them. Beautiful and tasty.

Look at the height that he gets on it to get it over the wall, and the accuracy. The curvaceousness is better than Dolly Parton. I’m starting to think his boots are sticking tracking missiles on the ball every time he strikes it.

Well, I’m of the opinion that these boots should be outlawed – this is a gangster goal from Ronaldo, and it’s his Vapor IX boots that are holding the revolver.

I love him, but even the crickets in the trees love him. Magisterial from Ronaldo.

Absolutely magnificent in orgiastic proportions. I’m telling ya people, those boots are just hotter than Jessica Rabbit.

It’s just an easy kiss home with the slickness of his gel. I have a suspicion that Cristiano’s boots are going to be jealous about that one!

And finally as an extra bonus, we got a quote directly from the man himself, via @RayHudson. We salute you Mr. Hudson!Ray Hudson on CR Vapor

Have you guys got any potential quotes to add to the list? Make them entertaining and leave them in the comment section below.

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