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PFA Team Of The Year and The Boots They Are Wearing - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

PFA Team Of The Year and The Boots They Are Wearing

PFA Team Boots

In traditional fashion, the English Premier League PFA awards were handed out this weekend, right as the league season starts to wrap up. It might seem odd to name the team and player of the year before the season actually ends, but at this stage the appropriate players are being selected and honored. This will allow them to rejoice in their recognition before the summer kicks in.

We decided to take a look at the selected players and breakdown of the boots they are currently wearing.


De Gea PFA

David De Gea (Man Utd)
It is extraordinary that people are still criticizing De Gea’s ability to be an enforcer on the English game, yet he now owns the title of best keeper in the land. Shows the talent and potential he has. Currently he is wearing the Nike Tiempo Legend IV, which seem to be a perfect choice for a keeper that is not afraid of dribbling. Rumor has it that De Gea is pretty nifty playing outfield and has a few tricks. Get a pair of Tiempo IV.


Defenders PFA

Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham)
It turned out to be an excellent debut season for Vertonghen in the EPL and a tally of 5 goals and 3 assists certainly helped Spurs fight for a Champions League spot. Currently he is wearing the Nike CTR360 Maestri III. Known to be a playmaker boot, Vertonghen has got the most out of his pair and likes to break forward and attack when possible. Get a pair of Maestri III.

Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd)
Ferdinand is one of those players that has continually been written off, yet he somehow manages to defy his critics with consistent performances. No goals for Rio this season, but he does have 2 assists. Currently he is wearing the Nike T90 Laser IV and although Ferdie doesn’t have the best reputation for getting stuck in on tackles, he does love to spray passes around the pitch. Get a pair of Laser IV.

Pablo Zabaleta (Man City)
Man City’s back-line has been far from impressive this season, although Zabaleta’s performances have been extremely encouraging. The Argentinian even managed to bag 2 goals and 2 assists while wearing the Nike T90 Laser IV. Zabaleta is a player that is not afraid to get stuck in on tackles and he loves to hit power shots, so the Laser seems to suit his game. Get a pair of Laser IV.

Leighton Baines (Everton)
Is there a better set-piece taker in the EPL? I think not and Baines has been massively impressive again as a creative full back. This season he has wrapped up 5 goals and 7 assists while wearing the Adidas Predator LZ. We all know Preds are designed for players that like to strike shots and free-kicks, so they absolutely compliment Baines style. Get a pair of Predator LZ.


Midfielders PFA

Eden Hazard (Chelsea)
We all knew Hazard would make an impression on the league this team and at times he has been devastatingly awesome. 9 goals and 14 assists is an impressive tally for any player, and he currently wears the Nike Vapor IX. The Vapor is deigned for pacey, creative players and they absolutely suit Hazards personality and attitude. Get a pair of Vapor IX.

Juan Mata (Chelsea)
Mata’s performances seems to get better and better in the EPL and his return of 10 goals and 17 assists make him one of the most creative players currently in the game – anywhere! He currently sports the Adidas Predator LZ. Mata doesn’t have a reputation for pacey play, but he does like to score goals and move the ball around the pitch, so the Predator LZ and its hybrid functionality seem ideal for his style. Get a pair of Predator LZ.

Michael Carrick (Man Utd)
The inclusion of Michael Carrick has a lot to do with his ability to control games, being composed and extremely consistent. Carrick is another one of those players seemingly written off as past his prime, yet he continues to impress. This season he grabbed a lone goal and 4 assists and currently wears the Puma King 2013. The King seems to be a popular selection for grafting midfielders, Carrick and Yaya Toure are the 2 most notable to wear them. Get a pair of Puma 2013.

Gareth Bale (Tottenham)
What a season Bale has had – the former left back scored 19 goals and 8 assists on the way to being named in the team, PFA player of the year and young player of the year. If it wasn’t for Lionel Messi, I am pretty sure that Bale would be a key component of the Adidas F50 adiZero advertising campaigns. Get a pair of F50 adiZero.


Forwards PFA

Robin Van Persie (Man Utd)
Here is a player that made an extremely bold move this past summer and ended up being the key component in his new teams title success. Even more interesting is the fact that Van Perie has worn the Adidas adiPower Predator pretty much all season. The adiPower is the last generation Predator and they have served RVP well with a league leading 25 goals and 13 assists. Get a pair of adiPower Predator.

Luis Suarez (Liverpool)
Where there is controversy, Suarez is usually about (or involved). Yet his talent is unquestionable and some of his play this season has been nothing less than exquisite. It is such a shame that other factors overshadow his performances, although I am glad that the PFA has acknowledged what he does when simply playing the game. Suarez currently wears the Adidas F50 adiZero and this season bagged 23 goals and 10 assists. Get a pair of F50 adiZero.

Do you guys agree with the selections? Any players left out that you think deserved a spot? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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