Tuesday , January 31 2023

Umbro Speciali 4 – The Whitest of the White Released

Whiteout Umbro Speciali

Can you actually get anymore white on a shoe? I think not. Umbro has finished out the 2012/13 season with two complete whiteout releases, this one coming in the Speciali 4 range.

The Speciali IV and Umbro in general, has become a bit of an anomaly in the US market. We have one Pearlised White colorway to choose from right now, but other than that we haven’t heard a great deal about the new range. Added to that is that fact that these boots won’t be released in the US – so we are left to sit and admire the extremely clean boot, wondering how long it would take to actually scuff up a pair.

Since the boots are so white and extremely difficult to actually see, I’ve added an extra bonus image with some contrast below – so you can actually make them out!!

Anyone tested the Speciali IV yet or going to?

Speciali Whiteout

Whiteout Speciali with Contrast

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  1. you can probably land them from prodirectsoccer.com, any idea on the price yet?

    • i have it already. This boots is heavier than i expected. I think you should be consider carefully before buy it. The feeling of Umbro specili 4 is quite similar with Total 90. The touch, power is ok but it it difficult for you to block a speed forward. I play in center back position. The size is very true and there is only 2 color for your choice. After 2 week using it, i decide to back with my previous Puma King SL 2013.
      I bought it with promotion price 45 pound when the regular price is 89 pound on prodirectscoccer, but the price is changed back to 89 pound.

  2. does this mean there might be a black out version in the works?

  3. Love them, class boots. Get the correct size, wear them on the proper surface & take your time to break the leather in properly & you should end up with a comfortable pair of leather slippers.
    Can't agree with the 'heavy' comments though. Yes they're not Vapors or Adizeros, but if they're 'heavy' then perhaps more leg curls & sprints are what's needed.

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