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Pele Armador Lifestyle Shoes – Off Pitch

New Pele Armador

Earlier this week, we bought you exclusive images and details on the Pele Azteca. Well, today we bring you three exclusive new colorways in the Pele Armador range. Armador is actually a Portuguese word that translated to English means “shipowner”, but it also stands for the style of player that Pele was. As a supporting midfielder, his job was to lead the attack and guide the ball forward.

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As a canvas shoe, these have a very similar relaxed look to what are commonly termed “boat shoes“. But the benefit to these is that they are designed to double both as a daily fashion shoe and also something that functions quite effectively in small sided court soccer games.

If you are interested in any Armador colorway, they can be found on WorldSoccerShop.

Pele Armador – Black

Black Pele Armador

Pele Armador in Black with Blue Detailing

Armador in Black

Pele Armador Tongue

The upper of the Armador is very heavily constructed, with the vulcanized rubber outsole rises up around the upper, creating a wall flex effect. This ensures you are getting a durable shoe that will last in all-purpose situations. Added to that, a metal ring has been added on the each lace hole. The primary benefit here is the fact that you can lace the shoes with ease and really tighten them up extra tight when needed.

In typical lifestyle “play anywhere, anytime” fashion, a suede toe cap is added to create an ideal region for striking shots.

There is a ton of cool detailing on the shoe, with the iconic “Pele” signature placed proudly on the side of the shoe. Another unique feature is the fact that both shoes feature a different symbol on the tongue.

Retail: $59.55

Pele Armador – White

Pele Armador Black and White

White Pele Armador

Pele Armador White Detailing

Retail: $59.55

Pele Armador – Purple

Pele Armador Purple

Pele Sports Armador Profiled

Purple Pele Armador Forefoot

Retail: $59.55

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  1. To clarify: these have *nothing* in common with boat shoes. Zero. Nil. Zip. A quick google image search will affirm my statement. I was a fan of the last model of Peles you featured, but these (the purple ones, especially) look like a pair of $5 Walmart shoes designed by Hannah Montana. I can't imagine a non-European wearing these around. The one thing these having going for them is the price point – $60 is a helluva lot less than the Pele high tops. However, just spend another $10 or so and treat yourself to a legit pair of boat shoes.

  2. Hey Bryan, i was just wondering how these pele armadors fit? do they similar to most shoes or are they a little off like the pele trinities? for example, i know you like to say you are a consistant 9, so do wear these in a 9 as well?
    Thanks in advance

    • These are more consistent to the fit of a sneaker or regular skate shoe, where they run just a little longer to give you enough room to move your feet without losing out on stability.

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