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How the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Was Born!

Hypervenom Concept to Completion

This is another cool feature by Nike as they treat us to a short history of how the Nike Hypervenom Phantom was born. I love when companies do this as it really gives us some insight into the creation and thought process of a new boot, and it provides some details on how the boot came to be. It is also really cool to get an in-depth background look at boots in general. I have some connections that test out the boots through each phase, and the feedback they offer to Nike in each phase proves crucial in how the boot is created.

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Is it just me, or would anyone else love to wear a pair of the white version in Step 4? That design is actually pretty darn tasty is you ask me.

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Hypervenom Basic Shape

Step 1 – Supernatural performance starts simple as the basic shape is formed. Nike take a clear mold, with no laces, to ensure they get the right fit around the foot. Notice the added layer of padding around the heel region.

Hypervenom Cleanest Strike

Step 2 – The search for the cleanest strike begins. A taper is added to the lacing to ensure the boots fit tight and Nike work to create a new type of upper. Also, the heel counter is added at this stage.

Hypervenom Offset Laces

Step 3 – Offset laces provide a bigger strike zone. As well as the offset lacing, Nike look to define the actual strike zone and materials used. This is the stage where extensive wear testing starts to really go into effect.

Hypervenom Nikeskin added

Step 4 – NIKESKIN texture is added for maximum grip, control and quality first touch. By now, Nike know exactly what the finalized product should be about – it is a matter of finalizing and modifying several elements. Notice at this stage there is a layer added just around the soleplate to ensure they are durable through the testing phase.

Hypervenom Nikeskin ACC

Step 5 – The Hypervenom takes shape with NIKESKIN mesh upper and All Conditions Control. As you can see, the final product is nearly on hand, with a lot of design elements coming into play. The Nike swoosh has been defined and the tongue takes clearer shape.

Hypervenom Deadly Style

Step 6 – Next up – deadly style. Nike finalizing the colorway and any final details that need to be addressed. This is the boot that is blacked out and put through more extensive testing by pro’s to really ensure everything is up to scratch.

All images supplied by Nike Hypervenom.

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  1. Very cool post! Could u try and make this type of post a series on your site like “boots by positions”?

  2. Very nice! This is something I really wanted to know about how they were developed!

  3. It seems like the gs series was a design exercise to help get this silo developed. Step 2 looks very similar to the final design of the gs, with the external heel counter and lace taper.

  4. i'm betting this boot feels amazing, but the style is way too flashy for me. I don't mind yellow boots but all the colors and angles make it look like it screams "look at me." and other than the pro's, most others shoes will out perform the individuals talent and thats not what you want.

  5. simply awsome product, dekovic's impressive job

  6. they are the most awesome things I have ever seen in my entire life

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