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How Does the Nike Premier Fit - Answered! - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

How Does the Nike Premier Fit – Answered!

Nike Premier Soccer Cleats

Since we announced the release of the new Nike Premier last week, there has been huge buzz and a lot of questions surrounding the low-key, conservative boot. It all stands to reinforce the fact that Nike were correct in releasing a boot that directly competes with the iconic Adidas Copa Mundial.

With its old school appearance and lightweight frame, it seems like this was a release that fans have secretly been craving! But in reality, what have they got on offer and do they perform on the pitch? We are currently working on testing them, but in the mean time here is a breakdown on how they fit and what you can expect.

You can currently find the altest line-up of Nike Premier at

Nike Premier side profile

There have been two important questions to date that fans desperately want to see addressed and now that we have a pair in hand, we can give you our take on both. As follows.

What type of leather is used in the upper?

Let me cover the upper first and the great K-Leather or Goat Leather debate. It seems like a lot of different websites have been reporting different materials being used and Nike themselves were very unclear with their labeling on press release details.

The answer is that it is a Premium leather – and Nike are not letting go of that title. That tells us that it is not a full K-leather upper, because if it was they would clearly boast they are using the highest quality leather. Our guess on this one is that it is a mixed upper, with a probable treated calf leather rather than a goat leather toward the back of the boot. The forefoot is definitely soft enough to be a K-leather but our journey continues to find the real answer behind this one.

How do they Fit?

In terms of fit, we can offer a pretty concrete answer and that is go up a half size to get a nice secure fit that will provide comfort through the first few wears. The Premier is designed using a slightly tighter soleplate than normal and that creates a nice snug fit. They also fit very similar to the old school Tiempo Legend series, which was always a touch tighter than every other Nike releases. I usually wear a size 9US but it is a size 9.5US in the Nike Premier that offers the most complimentary fit. I did try a true to size pair and they didn’t feel quite right. And although I am sure they would have stretched, I am very particular about recommending a size that will suit players from first wear and not create comfort issues.

Also, I placed them side-by-side with the recently released Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 and both boots are the exact same length.

Nike Premier – UNBOXED

If you haven’t been following the SoccerCleats101 YouTube channel, we have started a series of very quick, sharp paced Unboxed video series. As a bonus, here is the Nike Premier version.


Nike Premier Tongue

Nike Premier Leather Upper

Nike Premier Soleplate and Stud Configuration

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The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Definitely getting a pair! Now for Nike to release a comparable indoor and turf to compete with the Mundial Goal, and Team.

  2. No these are K-Leather but Nike was going to use goat-leather (that's why all the companies say so).

  3. I can't agree with the sizing issue. I have a pair and I wear my normal size 8.

  4. It is both K and Goat leather. I have seen the catalogue.

  5. looks really nice.
    reminds me of the pure basics of football.
    the good ole days.
    (but without the weight of kicking a leather ball in ankle high leather boots)

  6. I disagree about getting a half size bigger. I just got my new pair today and they are perfect true fit. they are so soft, incredible you cna get a boot of this quality for such a low price.

  7. Can you remove the wrap-around swoosh to get more of a blackout look?

    • I wouldn't. It actually helps hold together the seem that runs through it on the upper. I removed it on a pair of older Tiempos that have that same seem and the boot fell apart.
      If you want to black it out, just use black Leather-dye. It works great. I have blacked-out three pairs of boots. It looks professional and doesn't have that "purple" effect that a Sharpie leaves. You can NOT tell that I blacked out my Tiempos. It looks like I had a NikeID pair custom made.

      • Thanks for the response, wasn't sure if that was the case like the on Copa where you can get rid of two stripes but not all three.

  8. They finally posted on, appears to be both Kangaroo and goat:

    •Kangaroo leather upper with goat-leather quarter and heel panels for enhanced comfort and great touch

  9. I love the red ones
    But what size do they start in

  10. I tried them on in the store and I had to go a size up. I think it all depends on the shape of your feet and that everyone has a different feeling when fitting the boot.

  11. If i am wearing a nitrocharge at 7.5uk, predator 18.1 at 7.5uk
    What size should i wear for Nike Premier II?

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