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Nike Hypervenom Phantom - Flash Lime/Black - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Nike Hypervenom Phantom – Flash Lime/Black

Nike Hypervenom Lime Green Colorway

Nike has unleashed its second deadly colorway in the new Hypervenom range and it gives fans a new option to choose from. This latest version of the Hypervenom Phantom still holds a decently uncomplicated look, although it does have a completely different type of visual pop to the debut Orange colorway.

Officially labelled as a Flash Lime/White/Black, there is not a great deal that has to be explained about the look. The honeycomb panels are what give it its unique visual effect and they are there to increase the amount of grip you get on the ball during play.

Currently available at for $224.99.

Obviously, the Hypervenom Phantom is not intended to be a follow-up power release to the T90 Laser range. They are a replacement, but Nike has completely remodeled the technology and is looking to provide players with a much different type of performance. Definitely geared toward attacking styled players, with the final 7.2oz product ensuring a lightweight feel and full impact acceleration in-game.


Lime Green Hypervenom

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  1. you would think that they would wait to release this colorway at least until the first one shipped? lol

  2. “Lethal Zones”, “deadly” colors, “HyperVenom”, “NitroCharge”…
    Is it just me, or are Puma the only ones still having fun?
    On a side note; guess the HyperVenom were too “deadly” for Balotelli. Half way into his first game w/ them he switched back to his trusted CTR360s

  3. I do not see the appeal of these at all…Seems like it is just a Mercurial for people with wide feet.

  4. have you done a review on this pair of boots yet ?

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