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Hubolt, Puma and Falcao Release Luxury evoSPEED 1.2


The summer transfer season is upon us, and that means  millions or even billions of dollars switch hands within the soccer community in a matter of months. One of the biggest transfers by monetary standards has already occurred, and involved an $80 million dollar transfer of Falcao to AS Monaco. AS Monaco is the newest player in the high-dollar transfer market, and have been linked to many of the most expensive stars available for transfer.

In an attempt to capitalize on one of their most valuable players, Puma have teamed up with  luxury watch makers Hublot. Hublot is recognized as the official time keeper for the 2014 World Cup in Brasil, and I assume this is the first of many attempts from them to connect to the soccer world. Each of the 100 sets includes a luxury watch designed by Hublot and a pair of the evoSPEED 1.2 boots personally signed by Falcao.

With only 100 sets released, and a price tag over $15,o00 I don’t see any boot fans getting a shot at this release from Puma. The target group for this production will obviously be after the watches more than the boots, but don’t let that keep you from taking a look at these clean colorways. The combination of black, gold and red provides a very classy, yet flashy look on the evoSPEED layout. On the rare chance that these boots do see the field, they would be unmistakable.


Each of the pairs will be included with a Hublot watch, set at different prices depending on the design. The synthetic gold on black in the first picture, the leather version as seen above, and the silver on black synthetic that appears below are all shown in the announcement from Puma. I personally prefer the gold on black to silver, it just provides more “pop” and meshes so well with the red-tipped studs.


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What do you think of the colorways? Something you would like to see more of in the affordable realm of boot releases? Any chance that anyone but a professional athlete can afford one of these things? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. These are sexy.

  2. It's Hublot, not Hubolt, and this isn't their first attempt to be connected to the soccer world, they have been producing Manchester United watches for a long time. Their Man Utd watches sell for as much as $38,000!! One model has real grass from the pitch at Old Trafford as the hour hashes.

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