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Adidas adiPure 11pro in White and Black Revamped

Adidas 11pro Black White Gold

Adidas have just released two refreshing versions of the adiPure 11Pro and both are full on classy. These releases however, may seem like a repeat for those of us who are paying attention. With the current installment of the adiPure range, we haven’t been treated to much in the way of off the wall colorways, the riskiest have been a dash of infrared, zest green, yellow and a well played blue and infrared combo. These two seem to be a revisit to the blackout/whiteout releases back in June of 2012.

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The Black version hasn’t changed much, adidas have added a shot of gold to the mix creating a very tidy package and updating the look slightly but still leaving the feeling that the boot is a re-release.

The big stand out here is with the white version where they have added what seems like the perfect golden touch to the mix. It isn’t quite showboat status, but it is manages to add flair to an otherwise classic look. The only thing wrong with it is the black streak down the toe, it would have been better off white.

Both colorways can currently be found over at

Adidas adiPure 11Pro Black White and Gold

The Boot Itself

Upon initial release of the pro11, the adiPure saw an exodus of adiPure fans abandoned the range. This was largely due to the change from kangaroo leather to Taurus leather, and the addition of synthetic to the mid-foot. However this is now old news, recently it has gained footing with players who have dared venture back to the range. With companies venturing away from kangaroo leather the pro11 is fitting in more but the boot itself leaves a lot of room for improvement before it can be taken seriously as a contender to the Tiempo or even the Puma King.

Tech Specs

As mentioned before the upper is Taurus calf leather, notably not the most durable material. However adidas have bolstered the durablilty factor of the upper by adding a thin layer of protection called duracoat over high abrasion areas on the boot. The synthetic mid-foot is actually in the form of the iconic three stripes and is designed to add incognito support. For the soleplate adidas have given the 11pro a more traditional version of the traxion 2.0 configuration with shock absorbing, anti-shock tube containing conical studs and a Plusflex as well as a Flexzone all designed to give an edge to performance. We also see a micoach cavity which is now a given with all new adidas releases.

adiPure Black (a)

adiPure Black (b)

adiPure Black (d)

adiPure Black (c)

adiPure White (a)

adiPure White (b)

adiPure White (c)


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  1. I just received a $100 Adidas gift card, and I cannot find one pair of their boots that look appealing….

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