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Why I Like Black Boots With Leather Uppers! - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Why I Like Black Boots With Leather Uppers!

Black Boots Leather Upper

The game of football has drastically changed over the years, once considered a real mans game with tough tackles flying in from all angles, modern football is more about style than substance. With the change in rules meaning less contact and all but eradicating sliding tackles the focus is now on speed, flare and possession.

This along with modern technologies, clever marketing and huge endorsement deals have had a huge effect in the world of football boots. Finding traditional black leather boots is becoming more difficult each season, the choice of boots available these days is vast but is this a good thing?

In my humble opinion the answer is a resounding NO!

Maradona, Pele, Best, Eusebio and many, many other immensely talented football players did not need lethal zones, pass pads or any other gimmick that is attached to the majority of new boot releases. Don’t get me wrong on this subject, I’m all for evolution and new technologies but the majority of them are no more than a gimmick. Kids playing football want to emulate their hero’s and will want to own the latest models without giving a thought as to quality, value and durability.

Weight of football boots is being reduced with each new release but this also in my opinion has more of a negative effect rather than positive. For a couple of ounces of weight you are compromising durability and also safety. The thin synthetic materials on offer do not give the foot enough protection, with many (especially the lower tier more affordable models) being too rigid and cause major discomfort.

I will try and explain why I feel the best options available are kangaroo leather and also black. If you have ever worn kangaroo leather football boots you will understand the amazing touch it gives you on the ball. It also moulds to the shape of your foot giving you a custom fit and the most comfortable available, the natural padding in the leather also protects your foot.

Leather Upper

There are also two reasons why when buying leather black is your best option. The first being that cleaning and caring for the leather is essential, I have owned white and coloured leather boots and they can look old after even one wear. The stitching in particular white boots gets discoloured, so if you buy black they will look newer for longer. The second reason is purely on looks, every team I have played in always has one player with ridiculously bright boots who attempts flicks that never come off. So nice black boots will avoid you getting labeled “That guy”.

So to recap why in my opinion black kangaroo leather boots are the best:

  1. The most comfortable boots available.
  2. Excellent touch on the ball.
  3. Durability.

With the only negative being they require a lot of cleaning and care to keep them in pristine condition. The fact that Nike and Adidas have invested so much effort and money into producing synthetic leather to try and imitate kangaroo leather is all the evidence you need. There is nothing like the real thing, if you can see through all the clever marketing and buy a pair of kangaroo leather boots you will not be disappointed.

Please ask any questions, recommendations or comments below.

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  1. Excellent advise I'm convinced natural leather and traditional black is the way to go

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