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Checking Out the Aviata Volantes and Velo-Max - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Checking Out the Aviata Volantes and Velo-Max

Aviata Soccer Balls

Our friends over at Aviata Sports have released some pretty sick new soccer balls as they look to expand in the soccer market, and they gave us exclusive access to the balls first. We received the two balls a few weeks back and have been using them to see what they have to offer, the Volantes and the Velo-Max.

Not only have they found ways to produce very high performing balls, but they have also managed to do it at an extremely attractive price range. Both balls actually remind me of some other high-end brand balls, except these ones are less than half the price and they are manufactured without child labor.

Check out some images of the balls below and read our thoughts on both. For anyone interested in buying a ball, we have a special 10% code that can be found at the bottom of this post.

Aviata Volantes

Aviata Volantes

The Volantes is seen to be the high end release of both. The bold Gold colorway is pretty sweet and really lets the ball stand out as a top market choice. In a sense, this one kind of reminds me of the Nike Tracer ball, the same one used in the EPL this past season. The paneling is different but the texture placed on the ball is very similar.

As per the image below, an oval pattern is applied to add extra dimension to the ball and give it a more aerodynamic feel as it moves through the air. Each of the 32 panels on the ball feature the same pattern.

This is honestly a fantastic ball and I’ve found myself choosing it over older Nike and Adidas balls. There is a real pop as you strike it, yet it feels comfortably smooth as you take it out of the air or look to control it off a firm pass.

Retail: $69.99

Aviata Volantes Detailing

Volantes Soccer Ball

Aviata Velo-Max

Aviata Velo-Max

Still seen to be a match ball, the Velo-Max offers a completely different playing experience to the Volantes. What makes this one different is the pin-print like textured pattern that runs across the surface of the ball. It is consistent through the 32 panels of the upper. I’m sure this is actually pretty nice for keepers as it adds some dimension on the ball to hold onto without messing with the spherical nature of the ball.

Again, there is a great ping off this ball and it keeps a steady. straight trajectory when you strike it. There is a more firm feel to this ball that you can feel more when striking long balls compared to the Volantes. For the price, this boot is absolutely pure value for money, but I see the Volantes as a better match ball. This one would be ideal for high paced training sessions where there is a competitive nature.

Retail: $39.99

Aviata Velo-Max Soccer Ball

* Right now, both balls a re marked down in price as part of the Aviata release special. These prices are only valid for a limited time and are likely to be removed in the next few weeks. If you are considering buying, now would be the time! PLUS, as an added bonus, use code SC101 during checkout to get an extra 10% off.

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  1. Wow… the price on these is amazing.

  2. i may be the only one here but where do we purchase from??

  3. literatlly same technology as the Nike Maxim and the Incyte… for half the price.

  4. wish the volante came in more colors

  5. *this ball is absolutely pure value

  6. I really would like to kick the ball to see how it feels. The description is nice and everything, but I rather have the ball in my hands (or foot) to see how it feels. If its similar, not necessarily exactly the same, as the Nike Maxim, I will be in love.

  7. on their website they have a sale. the price went down from 69.99 to 39.99. and you can include the coupon code for 10% off. talk about sweet deals

  8. I ordered 2 of their balls on July 20th. I received my order yesterday and it only included 1 ball. When I tried pumping it up, there was an obvious air leak.

    In summary, screwed up order, and what I got was defective. Their email does not seem to work. I tried calling today, but only got voicemails. I would not buy again from these guys. I will update if I get any satisfaction.

    • I sent them a message for you.

    • Trevor-Aviata Sports

      Hi Jonathan, I am sorry you are having such difficulties with the order. I did repsoind to yoru FB message yesterday and asked you to email me at PLease send me an email there so we can sort this out and send you two new balls. Once again sorry for the inconveneince on this order and we look forward to making it right
      My best
      Aviata Sports

    • Update: Finally got in touch with someone through their facebook page. In addition, the ball is no longer leaking. I am positive it was leaking when I first filled it, but I left it overnight and pumped it up again. It seems to be holding air. I am hopeful my issues will be resolved soon.

      • I purchased from them about a month ago as well and had quite a bad experience. I ordered the volantes ball and they marked the product as shipped when it wasn't. I waited a week or so until emailing them as they're located in CA as well as I, so I figure it would arrive in about a week's time. I get an email reply telling me that the ball was never shipped and I can either choose to get the ball shipped or a refund and after having chosen a refund, there was no reply. I had to resolve the issue by opening up a transaction dispute through paypal in which I finally got a refund. The time in between my order and getting the refund was about a month. Honestly, any decent service would've offered both the ball and the refund but I had to go through all this trouble just for the refund. Be very careful with this company..

        • Hey Albert, sorry it didn’t work out for you.

          Things actually worked out well for me in the end. Once I was able to get a hold of someone, they were very responsive and were able to get me my missing ball in a very short time. I for one am a happy customer.

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