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This Summer, Black is the new Black! - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

This Summer, Black is the new Black!

Nike Back to Black Collection

It was not so long ago when Alan Ball did the unthinkable and stepped on the pitch in a pair of white Hummel football boots. Fast forward to nowadays and white boots are seen as quite a conservative colour choice.

The variety of colours to choose from is plentiful and even though the Adidas Copa Mundial, Puma King (Top or Pro) and the new Nike Premier are all fantastic boots the customers weren’t given the opportunity to experience the newest technologies on offer without having to wear some hideously bright colours…….UNTIL NOW!

The world of football boots has become as much about style and fashion as the  performance and like with fashion, trends always make a comeback. The summer of 2013 we have been treated to some outstanding black colourways and long may it continue.

Here are a list of my 5 favourite black releases this summer.

#5 – Nike Mercurial Vapor/Adidas adiZero F50

adiZero Black


These are precisely the reason I am a fan of this current trend of black colourways, for a player like myself who pretty much only buys black boots I would never consider wearing F50’s or Mercurial’s because of the colours that they are usually released in. I would actually be tempted to try these both now as in my opinion these both look classy.

Find this version of the F50 adiZero and Mercurial Vapor at

#4 – Nike Hypervenom Phantom


Nike really know how to market a football boot. I have never seen a new boot release get as much media attention as the Hypervenom. And Neymar’s outstanding performance in the Confederations Cup certainly didn’t do any harm. I am a big fan of this colourway, well done to Nike on the whole black collection.

Find this version of the Nike Hypervenom at

#3 – Umbro Speciali iv pro

Black Speciali IV

The Umbro Speciali range has always been a favourite of mine and I am glad to see the double diamond making some noise this summer with the release of the new GeoFlare and the new Black/Lava pink colour releases for these and the Geometra pro ii. The k-leather on these are super soft and the lava pink really make these stand out.

#2 – Adidas adiPure 11Pro


Another black and gold release these adiPures really do look outstanding. All black with subtle gold detailing gives these a very sleek look. If Batman played football I can see him wearing these.

Find this version of the Adidas adiPure 11Pro at

#1 – Puma King Luxury edition

Puma King Luxury

With only 999 pairs of these being made I expect these to sell out very fast! The black and gold detailing means these live up to their name and really do look luxurious, going back to a k-leather upper these will offer a more luxurious fit.

Find this version of the Puma King Lux at

Final Thoughts

The reaction of all these releases have been extremely popular, I hope they sell well to encourage the brands to make a black version of every release.

What is your favorite black release of this summer? Agree or disagree with my top 5 choices? If so, let me know in the comments below.

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