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The Best of Summer Releases - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

The Best of Summer Releases

Neymar Nike Hypervenom
The Hypervenom was one of many summer releases.

Although there may not be much action on the pitch, it has been a monumental summer in the boot world, with new releases all across the board.  As we approach the end of summer and the start of a new football season, it is good to look back and see how the summer releases stack up against each other.  I think the high point of this summer was when  a number of boots were introduced at the beginning of the Confederations Cup and fresh colorways decorated the others.  A number of good boots were left out in this list, there were just too many great releases this summer.  With that said, check out the top 5 list of summer releases.

5. Nike Premier

Nike Premier Firm Ground

Coming in at five is Nike’s main competitor to the Adidas Copa Mundial, the Nike Premier is tailored to classic and traditional players.  While some top end models come with a hefty $200 price tag, the Premier comes in just under $100, making it a considerable option for players with a budget.  A black premium leather upper is one of the features that will help Nike with long term success, something that they have missed out on with releases having an increasingly shorter shelf life.  A wrap around Nike swoosh and a conical stud pattern make this release even more appealing to me.  This simple design really helps the Premier stand out from other flashy releases, and I think it will be around for a long time.

Find a pair of Nike Premier.

4.  Puma Evospeed 1.2

New Puma evoSPEED 1.2

The Puma Evospeed 1.2 was one of the first boot releases that we were treated to this summer.  It was hard to miss these boots in the Confederations Cup with the big neon PUMA lettering on the instep, similar to what Nike has done with the Mercurial series.  The speed boot update of the evospeed also came with an updated textured upper, something I’m a big fan of.  For those who want an alternative to Adidas and Nike’s takes on speed boots, the Evospeed is the go to boot.  Also notable is that they come in a leather version for those who want a different fit and feel.

Find a pair of Puma evoSPEED 1.2.

3. Puma King Lux

Puma King Luxury Edition

I’m a fan of the Puma King series and although the most recent King release wasn’t so popular due to the modernized features, Puma has rebounded with a Luxury version with traditional features.  Similar to other limited releases from Puma, only 999 pairs were made and a price tag of $275 will make it an elusive boot to get your hands on.  With super soft kangaroo leather and gold highlights, those lucky enough to get a pair should keep these in pristine condition.

Find a pair of Puma King Lux.

2.  Adidas Nitrocharge

Adidas Nitrocharge Profiled

Made for a player profile called “the engine”, the Nitrocharge is one interesting boot.  It has technology like energysling, a protective mesh layer, and energypulse to help conserve energy.  This release ranks so high because it is Adidas’ long awaited fourth silo.  Because the Predator LZ is a control boot, it left a void in the power silo that Adidas had to fill with another silo.  I’m also a favorite of these boots because of the protection it provides from hard tackles.  Although it isn’t as popular as speed beets like the F50, player uptake has been decent and the Nitrocharge will be a well worn boot in the upcoming season.

Find a pair of Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0.

1. Nike Hypervenom

Nike Hypervenom Profiled

Replacing the the Nike T90 range, the Hypervenom has become the well deserved most popular boot of the summer.  Nike executed this release perfectly, the Hypervenom became the center of attention by being worn by the Confederations Cup superstar Neymar.  It is not a surprise that long time wearers of both the Mercurial and T90 series have also switched into the Hypervenom, the dimpled NikeSkin upper even has me wanting a pair.  Nike’s change from the T90 power boot to the Hypervenom agility boot also comes with a choice of a few vibrant colorways- the neon orange and green colorways are both perfect for summer.

Find a pair of Nike Hypervenom Phantom.

Honorable Mention

Warrior Gambler –  It is hard to believe that a release from Warrior has somewhat fallen under the radar.  I have no idea why Warrior’s control boot designed to players that make the difference hasn’t been a headline release.  My guess is that the loaded deck outsole with 17 blades looks to daring for players.

Umbro Geoflare –  The Geoflare is Umbro’s new boot made for the “firestarter” on the pitch.  The pink and black release colorway had a nice summer feel to it and although this boot isn’t the most popular, I think some of the control technology will get it a decent number of sales from the loyal Umbro supporters.

What was your favorite release of this summer?  How do the releases from this summer compare to the releases of past summers?  Let us know in the comments below.

About Ethan Edwards

Ethan is our guy who is going to take things to the next level as a SoccerCleats101 pro player. He is set to play on one of the best high school soccer teams this Spring (Blacksburg HS, VA) and will be providing us with news and reviews from a competitive standpoint. Find him on Twitter if you want to talk High School soccer!

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  1. How many of these boots have you actually tested?

    • The post references "releases", not boots tested or performance. The only one on the list we haven't tested is the King Lux.

      • You can judge boots based on "releases?" That's impressive…

        • Thanks – We are a special breed!

        • It's possible to judge boots on many levels. Marketing, Aesthetics, Technology, In Game Performance, and of course judging the boots in terms of compiling a top five list of the newest models using any/all/none of the above criteria.

          Sorry you seem unhappy with the method chosen, but as you are 'That one guy'; I'll presume that down talking, attempted sarcasm, and contrarian logic is par for the course, when you're around.

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