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The Speed of Light – Messi’s New Boot Finally Arrives

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In typical “lets build up the anticipation” fashion, Adidas has finally unleashed the new Lionel Messi edition of the F50 adiZero to the market. Considering the fact that the boot was revealed back on June 26th, fans have been left waiting quite a while to order a pair. But as of August 1st, players in need of a new pair can get their hands on the Speed of Light boot.

With the new La Liga season about to kick-off, it is perfect timing for Adidas. All eyes will again be on Messi, but even more so this season as he takes to the field with Neymar. This latest incarnation is all about Messi and his abilities, with speed again taking stage as the boots primary selling point. You get the same F50 adiZero boot that has been on the market for the past year, only this version features that unique and exclusive Messi design.

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At 5.8oz, everything about the boot is labelled for speed. We have seen several Messi editions released over the past few years, but I think this latest version takes on the most radical visual design we have seen. Right across the upper, the colors used switch and mesh to create a very nontraditional look. In between, Adidas has instilled multiple lines that are intended to clash with the primary colors and depict Messi’s ability to “light up the pitch”.

It is however, important to note that Messi wears the leather version of the boot, whereas fans will be left picking up a pair with the synthetic upper. You get the same visual design, but the performance characteristics between both uppers is pretty different. Determining which is better, comes down to personal preference and what players look for in a boot.

This synthetic version is called a Sprintskin (a single layer synthetic) and its thin profile helps to drastically reduces the adizero’s weight. Along the front of the boot, there is a 3D textured finish that adds a little extra grip on the ball. Inside the boot, Adidas use a SprintWeb band to compensate and strengthen the material.

You can currently pick up the “Speed of Light” F50 adiZero from

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