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Kits and Jerseys: Breaking Down the 2013/14 EPL

EPL 2013 14

With constant sponsorship changes and increasingly interesting releases, keeping track of what kit your club is wearing  can always be difficult. Here at SoccerCleats101, we would like to provide you with an overview of what you can expect to see on the pitch this season. This is the first installment in a new mini series that will explore kits in all of the top leagues around Europe. Expect entries for each league before the seasons get fully underway.

The English Premier League begins play just over a week from today, and as is true with every season, a significant number of the clubs will be taking the pitch in a newly designed kit.

Here we will highlight the creations from brands that are new to their specific club, and what they have done with a chance to design a new kit.

Fulham Home

Fulham FC

Marked by a black V and the characteristic three stripes of Adidas, the company’s first installment for Fulham will have the club looking a bit different this season. A switch from Kappa to Adidas left Fulham with a complete overhaul, and the change is a positive one in my eyes. The skin-tight kits from Kappa got old fast, and this is a classy, solid design from Adidas.

West Ham

West Ham United FC

The second club to reveal an Adidas kit for the first time is West Ham United. Combining a white collar with the classic color combination, this kit from Adidas stays true to the West Ham way. Designed with inspiration from the 1985 kit, there is hope the kit will propel the club to a much higher finish than in recent seasons.


Everton FC

Nike played it relatively safe with their first kit for Everton last season, but this year is another story. On top of a new crest, this away kit from Nike will debut this season for Everton. In only their second season in charge of the Everton kit, Nike has raised some eyebrows around the club with this bold release. The shirt is a bright one, but there may be concern outside of the vibrant design when Everton travel to the likes of Chelsea. When the team travels to teams with primarily blue home kits, I predict some confusion on the pitch due to the blue tops.

Man City 2014

Manchester City FC

A switch from the nearly defunct Umbro to the always exciting Nike has Manchester City sporting a nearly all black kit on the road this season. The vertical divide creates two shades of black, which is done in homage to the club that became Manchester City, Gorton FC. I expect Nike to make more radical changes in the coming years to the Manchester City kits, as they have always been shy in the first year of a sponsorship deal.

Available here.


Liverpool FC

Bold design from up and coming brand Warrior is nothing new, but the graphic used on the new Liverpool away kit is something else. Cries for change have been ringing out in Liverpool since this kit debuted, and stories of petitions to have it banned were a dime-a-dozen this preseason. As an American looking at the work of an American brand, I can only think this is inspired by the less classy, more vibrant designs  sweeping the nation at the collegiate level in the states.

Available here.

Look out for more updates on this seasons newest kits and sponsorship changes before the season gets fully underway. Are there any kits that you have seen floating around that you feel we should have mentioned? Which of these kits catches your eye? Speak your mind in the comments section.

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