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Introducing Cinquestelle Football Boots - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Introducing Cinquestelle Football Boots

Cinquestelle Boots

Cinquestelle, which translates to “Five Stars” in English, is a fitting name for this unique brand that specializes in hand made leather football boots. Doing some research, I accidentally stumbled across Cinquestelle and was instantly intrigued by the history and the character of this brand. Having contacted them, with the prospect of reviewing their products for our readers I was welcomed to call them which I did and it was apparent how professional and unique Cinquestelle were.

Every pair of boots that Cinquestelle produce are hand made, on their site it recommends measuring each foot, and you also pick which soleplate you require, the boots are then custom made for each customer. In today’s day and age, I find this remarkable and must say that I am extremely excited to receive these boots and see what they have to offer.

Company History

Akuna Cinquestelle are a small firm that produces football boots, despite having been founded in 1997, Cinquestelle can proudly trace its origins to 1911, when Pasquale Lazzarini (1882-1969) returning from a long apprenticeship as a shoemaker, established his own shoemaker’s shop in Ascoli, Piceno. The Pasquale Lazzarini shop at first produced tailor-made soft moccasins for the top class of the city. Pasquale’s son Emidio Lazzarini, (1915-2001), commonly called Mimi, followed him to his shop and after experiencing sports, Mimi excelled in freestyle wrestling, both as an athlete (2 times Italian champion) and a coach. On returning from a business trip in Germany immediately after the war Mimi began to work in his father’s business.

Mimi, remaining in the sports world, began to repair the shoes for Ascoli soccer players, who then played in Fouth Division, but Mimi found the football boots to be too hard and not very functional, so he then perfected a model that is a revolution, anatomical shape, high quality soft leather, flexible and comfortable. The work increased and around 1950 Mimi needed help and found Giuseppe Lupins (Goofy). Born in 1938, Giuseppe (Also known as Pippo) was at first hired as a shop boy. Pippo, who called Mimi uncle because of a distant relationship, is passionate about the job and in a short time, he became a pupil and close associate.

Between the mid 1950’s all the way through to the 1980’s Pipi helped lead the company which had gained a reputation for making some of the best football boots that were available. The reputation was well known with professional football players and the likes of Puskas, John Charles, Di Stefano, Van Basten and Di Canio and many, many more top class players all had the pleasure of wearing the handmade boots.

In the mid Nineties, the world of football boots were changing, and refusing to lower their standards and follow the trend the company were having troubles and forced to sell. Within 3 year’s that company had went bankrupt. Refusing to let a whole history and reputation go to waste, family members, friends and the master boot maker Pipi formed Akuna Cinquestelle in 1997 and continue to make handmade boots of the highest quality to this present day.

SoccerCleats101 Exclusive Boots

I hope you were all as fascinated as me about the long and rich history of this company. After some discussions, clumsy foot measurements by myself (which have now been done correctly) we have decided on three different models to feature for review. These choices were carefully thought out to show the range and customization available on their site.

Cinquestelle Piuma Boots


Piuma, which translates to Feather in English, is made from the highest quality Kangaroo leather, has a Buffalo leather insole, is lined with Cambrelle and the outsole is entirely stitched to the upper. I love the classic look of these and look forward to testing them in a mixed sole plate.

Cinquestelle Colibri Boots


Colibri, which translates to Hummingbird in English, is made from PAUL Calfskin leather and is also lined with Cambrelle, has a calfskin leather insole, microfiber collar and the outsole is entirely stitched to the upper. I will be testing these great looking boots in a firm ground soleplate.

Cinquestelle Classico Boots


No surprise that Classica translates to Classic in English is made from the highest quality Kangaroo leather has a Synpel collar, buffalo leather insole, lined with Cambrelle and the outsole is also entirely stitched to the upper. I will have the pleasure of testing these beautiful boots with a AG soleplate.

Eagerly Waiting

As all Cinquestelle shoes are hand made to order I will have to wait for these to be produced and delivered all the way from Ascoli, Italy. I must admit I am very excited to see what these boots have to offer and look forward to reviewing them. All of the boots on the site are customizable with the options of colors and soleplates. Remember to select English at the Top of the page when you visit the site.

What’s your thoughts on the look of Cinquestelle?

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  1. Be sure to post when these arrive! I just had a pair of Pantofola d'oro boots bust out after a mere month of use and I am looking for another pair…these remind me of the panto's but possibly with better construction.

  2. when would the boots arrive? thx

  3. Sound like they are what I'm looking for except that I would require screw in steel studs or similar.Are they available as such? Thanks Garry

  4. looks like a dead ringer, and a shameless copy of pantofola d'oro. I can not believe they are two different companies. it is interesting that panto even has a range named for the same Lazzarini who founded this company, however the designs, stitching patterns ect. are SO similar, I can't believe there hasn't been a law suit, unless, they collaborate.

    • They arrived today, look out for the review.

    • These are in no way a shameless copy, due to previous legal battles between the companies I won't go in to the details but put it this way……Cinquestelle are the original and have the history. This is in my words, Panto were sold by the original family due to financial problems many years ago, the company who bought them went bankrupt and it was sold again. The original family and owners started Cinquestelle, there have been legal problems over the use of the history etc…..Cinquestelle are 100% unique and legit with a rich history from 1911.

  5. Hi Kevin, I can't seem to find the price of these soccer boots anywhere. I was wondering how much they were priced. Thank you on advance!

  6. Do you know if these guys will ship to australia and how much it may cost?

  7. Could you do the review for the piuma model?

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