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The Boot Report - New Boots for Jenkinson and RVP? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

The Boot Report – New Boots for Jenkinson and RVP?

Carl Jenkinson Mizuno

Taking to the field this weekend’s games in new boots was a new signing for Mizuno in England, Carl Jenkinson. He signed for Mizuno during the week and worn the Morelia Neo in the bright orange colourway. Mizuno is not new to the premiership or the championship but I believe is the first English player to be openly endorsed.

The week actually started off with some Champions League qualifiers and the first boots spot comes from Fenerbahce vs. Arsenal, ex Everton centre half Joseph Yobo seems to have taken to the field in the game Adidas Incurza, normally seen on the centre’s from a rugby field.

Anelka Boot Choices

In a slight sidebar football was brought into light this week when a player who played for both Arsenal and Fenerbahce, Nicolas Anelka, has been given compassionate leave from West Brom after the sudden death of his agent and friend. Hopefully he will come back to the premiership and fire some goals for West Brom after the return to Chelsea of Romelu Lukaku. Anelka has been changing silos all summer within Nike portfolio from Mercurials to Hypervemons, once been a poster boy for both Adidas and Puma.

Another kick off game to the season was the super-cup game between Athletico Madrid and Barcelona, David Villa just showed what a strong centre forward he is with a blistering goal in his Red Colourway F50s. Not to be upstaged by the new signing from Barcelona, it didn’t take the new multi-million euro signing from brazil long to show the value of his signing with a reply from Neymar in Nike HyperVenom boots, although this time using his head.

Last week I brought a few brand changes and it seems Shane Long still hasn’t settled on his favourite brand after a move away from Puma. He has been playing in the discontinued T90 range for Ireland & West Brom but he was spotted wearing Adidas F50s at the weekend’s game against Everton.

Steven Gerrard Nitrocharge

The big talk across the SoccerCleat101 forum at the weekend was the spot of Steven Gerrard wearing Nitrocharge in the game versus Aston Villa, is the “rubbing” issue bigger than first thought. He has been toying with adiPures and the new Predator LZs before the season began. I also did catch he warmed up in the green colourway of the LZs, maybe it’s a way for Adidas to keep each silo in boot spotting pages?

Old School Cohen and Henry

Unique and “Old School” Spots

I’m going to try and keep this section going, it’s always nice to spot an “old school” boot and it’s normally centre on that type of player who could be classed as so. This week I caught a few in the championship. First up is freshly relegated club QPR who had Karl Henry line up in the launch colurway of the Nike Tiempo. Then over in the Nottingham Forrest game, club captain Chris Cohen lined up in a pair of Puma King 1982.

For the Unique slot, Jordi Gomes scored a deft free kick in his Lotto Zhero Gravity III in the blue and red colourway. Lotto are among the few brands they have little take up in Britain and it seems that Gomes is their shining light for the Italian brand.

Teaser for the big game…

Adidas just tweeted this today about the big game between Manchester United and Chelsea, wonder what they have under their sleeve?

“RVP started his career with adidas in these and never looked back! Watch out tonight for the debut of his new boots!”

rvp boot teaser

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