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Top 5 Goalkeeper Gloves to Take a Look at - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Top 5 Goalkeeper Gloves to Take a Look at

Goalkeeper Gloves


Picture this – You’re looking through websites like,,, etc, and you click on “goalkeeper gloves.” You’re thinking, “This will be quick and painless.” However, we all know what happens at this point. You go in with an EXACT idea of what it is you want to buy. You know for a fact it is a specific Adidas, or Nike, or Reusch pair of gloves that you want. You have been saving your money, counting the days until you could click “order.” And then, you get to the page and BAM! It seems like there are four-thousand gloves their to choose from. You quickly try and unscramble the DaVinci code that is maneuvering the site to find the ones you wanted. “Was it page 3 or 4?” you ask yourself. You swear it was page 3, only to get their and find nothing but Brines…

This is an all to common occurrence for goalkeepers. I myself have been a victim of the numerous online shelves of gloves. For me, it is a blessing and a curse. So many pretty, durable, big and sticky gloves to choose from, but on the other hand, I don’t really know if I am set on my previous decision. So what I am about to do is sort YOUR decision by the most fundamental way of thought: AESTHETICS (aka, which gloves look the best!).

Here is my list of the TOP FIVE gloves based off appearance only!



I mentioned these as being some of my favorite gloves in a previous post. Bright colors are so IN right now, and these gloves take the cake. Pink, yellow, blue and white all make it on to the gloves. Big yellow palms will help to distract forwards who take that last little peek before striking a ball at you, and many a save will be made by opposing players forgetting their duties while checking out these bad boys!

Find the Light Bright at



The new line of Nike gloves are like fish in the ocean- they are EVERYWHERE right now! The slick yellow backhands mask a gnarly black palm that gives the glove a very intimidating demeanor. Big time keepers such a Tim Howard have been seen rocking these gloves for both the US and in the EPL over the last few weeks. Like I said, bright is in and these gloves are definitely sexy!

Search for pairs of GK Confidence.



If you are like me, you are a HUGE fan of Jussi Jaaskleianen of West Ham. And if you like Jussi, you are immediately a fan of his Uhlsport gloves. The Cerberus Absolutgrips are simply stunning. Orange, black and blue- maybe the sign of a poisonous bug in the wild, but for gloves, it gives a definite “I am here and in charge” type of vibe off. They capture your eyes and your hearts immediately, and if you choose all by looks, these gloves make your final cut!

Search for pairs of Cerberus Absolutgrip.



I stumbled upon these gloves while cruising through some sites, and I immediately had a crush. For me, simple is always attractive when it comes to gloves as well. The HO Performance Rolls are white with a black pattern in the backhand, and it looks great. White gloves will always remind me of Mickey Mouse hands, which will always remind me of happiness and success. Therefore, these gloves automatically help make you more confident in goal, purely off how they look!

Search for pairs of HO Soccer Performance.



Rounding out the top 5 are one of Adidas’ new gloves, the Predator Pro ClimaProof. I usually am not a huge fan of the color red (besides anything having to do with my blessed Arsenal, but Go Bruins!), but these gloves caught my eye. A red and black Predator backhands shields a SUPER RAD charcoal palm, which has squiggly lines on it a well. Adidas is definitely adding spice and variety to their gloves, probably to keep up and compete with the numerous other brands who are rolling out the options!

Search for pairs of Predator Pro Climaproof.

So there you have it! While there are many many more gloves that could have made the cut, these five immediately caught my eye and made me want them. And just so you guys know, it was EXTREMELY hard for me not to spend all my savings on buying all these gloves and playing with them. It is my version of purses or shoes for women, and I probably have a problem. But instead, I am using the therapeutic method of writing about them to get my desires out!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via twitter @AaronLouisPerez, and I will get back to you ASAP! I am ALWAYS down to talk about keeper stuff!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: We didn’t choose the glove life, the glove life chose us!

Your truly,


About Aaron Perez

When not running athletes into the ground thanks to his personal trainer gig, Aaron is out on a field having 10 guys drill soccer balls at him at the same time. As our resident GK specialist, he takes care of all info related to the first line of defense. He currently plays professionally for the LA Blues. If you have any soccer (or NFL) questions for him, shoot him a message on Twitter.

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  1. Any good gloves with finger saves in them? As a massage therapist I need to save my hands so I bought a cheap pair of Brine with finger saves but I was hoping to splurge on a better pair and use the Brines as my back ups.

    • Check out westcoast goalkeeping . i just got a pair of spyder max pros from them and they are great. they have giga grip latex and nice removable fingersaves. plus they a great price since its a start up company. made in usa too. like $50. best gloves you'll find

  2. Why the heck do you look at gloves by the style of them – its about fit and the foam! They might look great but first and formost its about if they do the job!

    I don't stand in goal, waiting for the forward to pay me a compliment as im trying to stop him attacking.

    Silly just silly.

  3. I found West Coast Goalkeeping to look awesome and have great pricing – all gloves are around $50 – i was skeptical at first but now its all I wear – surprised not to see them in here- oddly some of these gloves are ugly!

    • ha i just posted above about west coast and then saw your comment! i have the spyder max pros and they are AWESOME. great foam and look good too. best $50 i ever spent. just wish they woulda had the hot pink spyders for breast cancer awareness when i ordered.

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